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. My name is Wael Karrafi. I'm 20 years old. I've spent nearly all my life in Kasserine, in the Ezzouhour district. I was wounded on 9 January. I took a bullet. Right in the kneecap. It cut my leg in two. . . Look, there are two of my pals on the square! They were both wounded by bullets too. This is now martyrs' square. We wrote their names on this monument. We wrote their names so they're never forgotten. . Hi, Rahouf. How you doing? . We came from over there. The police arrived from there. There were snipers on the pharmacy roof. They opened fire and we fled. Some this way, others that way. We picked up rocks and threw them. They opened fire right in front of us. It was war here. War, I'm telling you! Yes, war. Like in Iraq or Palestine! There was blood all over! Here, there and everywhere! Blood for 100 metres! I was given medical care in a car park because the hospital was full of wounded! . Being given 1500 euros for losing a leg! Is that right? 1500 euros compensation for a leg! And he's only 20! . . . We'll take to the streets again if we have to. The relief troops are ready! When I marched, by my side, were two kids, one of seven, one of six Those people have sown in us... ...bitterness... and the seed of revolt. . . Politicians only fight for power. They don't fight for the country's future. They don't give a damn about the Tunisian people. They build careers on the blood of martyrs. They keep repeating our slogan: "Loyalty to the blood of the martyrs". Who are they to tell us about loyalty? The outcome of this revolution: it was won by those who want power and money. . . Yesterday's Tunisia was sick. But today's Tunisia even more so. And it's getting worse and worse. Worse and worse every day. We want to cure it, but there are those who don't want it to be cured. But we won't let it die. Because it's our homeland. I'll give everything for my country. I gave my leg for it. Now I'll give my hands too. I'll give my soul for it. It's my homeland.

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Country: Tunisia
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Posted by: wassup on Sep 13, 2011

Wael Karrafi was severely injured when snipers shot the crowd in the streets of Kasserine, Tunisia, last January, 9. He lost his leg few days before former president Zinedine Ben Ali had left the country. He is 20 but talks like an old soldier. Here, in Kasserine, unemployment is still increasing, nothing has changed since the revolution. The same misery, no jobs. Here people live far away from Tunis and political dealings.

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