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Recipe for Beauty

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I hate the world. I feel so ugly. I can't stand the way I look. Why was I born this way? Nothing looks good on me. Everything I wear looks horrible. I wish I was skinny. Will my friends like the way I look? What do I care? I am not the pretty one. What's the point? The point is, you don't need all that stuff. Girl, you need the real recipe for beauty, and these ingredients aren't found at the store but in your own store. Let's see now: Confidence, respect, intelligence, compassion. Pour in a hundred cups of confidence to fill you up when people are trying to put you down. Simmer ten thousand respect for yourself because you deserve it. Grate the two handfuls of compassion and sensitivity, fold the 200 bones for standing up tall, when times get tough and you're really feeling lonely. Marinate these eyes in knowledge and sight. Add ten pounds of brains to hold together the pieces of the puzzle. Drain out those negative thoughts and separate what you know is beautiful from what the magazines tell you. Stir all those things together and you will see what real beauty is. Beautiful. That's better. My ears are like white sand dunes with gems barely visible. My mouth speaks the language of my family, my mouth can make friends. My eyes can forgive and forget, my eyes can see all the places that I have been and where I will go. My arms are long, skinny and strong. They are always mine. I am a strong confident girl. I am beautiful. What makes someone beautiful is: A dress, if they are a girl, or ponytails. Describe someone that you think is beautiful and why does that make them beautiful? I think my baby sister because she is always beautiful and sometimes if her hair is different she still looks beautiful. I think I am beautiful because I have curly eyelashes, and really nobody else has eyelashes like me and that's different. Beauty is what you feel in the heart and everything can make you beautiful. I think people are beautiful because they are compassionate and they are smart and they actually care about other people. So, they are not selfish, and they are adventurous and if they see somebody they want to help them. So that's what I think makes someone beautiful.

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Duration: 4 minutes and 27 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: None
Producer: West Seattle Elementary School
Director: West Seattle Elementary School
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Posted by: ljobson on Sep 23, 2010

Directed and produced by students at West Seattle Elementary School. Youth make a statement on what really makes a person beautiful.

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