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What are the benefits to the organization when a leader gets better?

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Leadership Straight from Bill Hybels What are the benefits to the organization when a leader gets better? The best leaders I know, as a discipline, make investments in themselves. They say, "Four times a year, or three..." They put a number to it. They put it on their calendar. They say, "I am going to make an investment in myself. Everyone wins if I get stronger, brighter, better, godlier. Everyone will win." And it is really true. So many of you came on your own dime. You made childcare arrangements. You had all kinds of complexities with vacation schedules and all of that kind of stuff. I commend you for making an investment in your self. And I want to say another thing that is obvious. We never try to hide the faults of our church. We are an open book. We are a long way from a perfect church. What I hope you caught though is we love the church. And we are trying. We do not get it all right. And when we do not, we just say, "Oh, ugh, oh." Then we say, "OK, now let's ramp something else up and try again." But we really want to see the Acts 2 church - beautiful, radiant, God-glorifying. We want to see more lost people getting found. We want to see found people getting grown up. We want to see lonely people enfolded into community. We want to see the poor served with dignity. We want to see bored rich people get bitten by some vision that causes them to give their best to God and release their resources for stuff that matters instead of 2nd and 3rd homes. If nothing else, we are serious about it. And if you take that home and say, "You know what? We do not have to be the smartest, brightest, best, fastest. We just really need to be serious about it. And get up and give God our best." You know my old axiom, God has only ever given you his absolute best. There has never been a single time when God gave you less than His absolute best. And it is only appropriate then for us to respond and say, "God, I only ever want to give you my absolute best." If you go into work every day and think, "I am not aiming for perfection. I am not trying to copy anyone. I am not trying to cool. I am not innovating for the sake of innovation. I am really trying to respond to God's best by giving my best for His glory, in His strength, in His power today." Sleep well at night. Get up. Put the work gloves on. Do it again. We are no big deal. He is the big deal. We give Him all of the credit. It is a pretty fun life if you frame it that way. You go, "I get to do this." And for those of us who are pastors, we get to do this incredible thing and they pay us. I hope no one ever "blows" that scheme. That is quite a thing.

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Posted by: landsm on Jun 4, 2014

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