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Tom Deininger, Gallery at Four India , Nantucket

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♫Welcome to the Gallery at Four India Street located next to the pocket park and above the Nantucket Gourmet♫♫ My name is Tom Deinenger, welcome to my first show in Nantucket, at the Gallery at Four India ♫ I make my work out of found materials, stuff that is mostly non biodegradable and non recyclable bottle caps, lighter cones, children toys, everyday plastics that we have and I do it for a variety of reasons, one being environmental but also perception of... we tend to dismiss things that are inexpensive and don't look at their beauty overall, but when you can take something out of context and put it together with a variety of other things you can coax a new definition out of it maybe, and you add a new purpouse. If my work is about perception, memory is the ultimate sham and, we all change our memory over time, and, remake our memories, and so, I took an old class photo, and started making kids I sort of remember, out of junk mail that came through. This is a really interesting picture of Annie Lennox it's a... you know, Architectural Digest, and I cut it, and I separated it, and I put it, and so, I made a little collage to work as a kind of ruffle shirt,-, is a cat from the vet give us this handout and then this kid just seemed weird, I don't know what, maybe an austral friend, and so I just, kind of make them and they all remind me at different people I actually went to school with, and so I'm thinking of people that I'm making, out of this stuff, and it's like constructing a false memory. ♫♪ I´m a beach fanatic, and I was in a parking lot at a certains spot I like, and, there I saw this butts around, so I started collecting them and... you know, I wanted to get a few thousand and I decided to make a nice clamshell which is kinda was supposed to be in the parking lot instead of all this stuff thrown, I mean, this things, it will take like 200 years to decompose. Old tape cassettes and silicone containers and buttons and these are from the grocery store to keep potato salad and some photographs as in convex from the police department. bottle caps and spring water bottles and mesh and put in the oven for fifteen minutes and output the fish. So, perception is really the back bone of my work I mean, I think that all art... a given reality is about perception and, so... you got one thing up close and it coalesce into something else all together from the distance so, just the idea of what is reality, what is true, has everything to do with perception and we acknowledge of that perception along in our daily lives and it reminds me of how slippery it really can be the idea of what is real or what is true. ♫♪

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Posted by: ricardosalgado on Sep 13, 2011

Deininger creates enormous portraits and landscapes by using just objects. You would never guess how much the pieces protrude from the main panels. The videos on his website showing his process are a must see.

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