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8E8 Show Ep64 Mars long

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It takes a lot of energy to launch. We saw this with the colonization of Mars. They're literally building rockets right now to just get that payload into space, that have enough power to launch that. And I think this is a really great point when it comes to startups because it just takes a lot of energy to launch. Probably one of the most common conversations I have with our startup practices that we work with is just getting into the amount of energy that it takes to get to that point where it's almost like now you've got to orbit. Now it's like, OK, breathe. And usually that's probably somewhere around year three. It could be middle year two, it could be year four, but somewhere in that span you've launched and we now kind of get to this point where it's like OK, we made it. We're not going to die. But it took an immense amount of energy to get to that point. But that also means you have to have places where you stop and refuel. And so Mars colonization, enough power to get them into orbit and then they got to kind of hang out and get another rocket to come up and refuel them to continue the journey. And so I think it's almost like separating these phases. There's the launch phase, and then there's the growing the business phase, or the next phase almost like the dream. We all have this dream of launching a practice or launching a business and so that dream is not the short-term launch. That dream is the long-term goal. And that can be 10 years, 20 years, 40 years, the next 60 years. And so we just have to kind of chunk out, pull out, segment out that launch and go this part, this launch, is going to take a ton of energy. The rest of it? We can't expend that type of energy for the next 10, 20, 30, 40 years. It's just not going to happen. We'll burn out. You won't get to your destination. So what you have to do is have a moment after the launch and whether that's something really specific and intentional where you slow down and go let's refuel or whether you just have moments or whether it's just kind of a downshift in pace. But having the time where you go OK. We launched, took a ton of energy. In order for us to get through the next 10 to 20 years, we've got to have refueling points along the way. And whatever those look like, stopping to celebrate, continuing education, inspirational stuff, whether that's just things in your lifestyle. It could just be you haven't worked out for three years because you've been launching a business, and I get that. Now it's time to make some of those adjustments, refuel, put back into yourself and your team because you got the next 40 years of this thing to get there.

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