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7 Mega-Wealth with the L.O.A. ( law of attraction)

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Desteni Presents: Mega-Wealth with L.O.A. -Part Seven- You create a 'imbalance' through wanting to create a personal unified field. because you are 'taking'..and from that taking, you wanted to attract - so you attracted - to attract: you 'took'..out of, other unified create your own unified field, and thus..those unified fields had to collapse, for you to have 'your' personal unified field. ok. That's, basically what happened with one human being.. within this reality in this existence, that is walking.. and living as the attraction system..which is now manifested, as 'living human beings' as the law of attraction. and.. What happens, in actuality within this existence within this world.. within the principle of the law of attraction, that for.. some to have, others will not have, and..for you for example, to.. 'realize', or make into reality, that desire want to need or having 'lots of money'.. Building a total're going to have.. that equal to and one with amount of people 'having nothing'..with no money.. so that you can have 'all of that'.. through collapsing other people, and human beings' worlds. Now you have.. Now you have a lot of people in this world..walking the law of attraction, walking this..attraction system manifestation as themselves.. Creating..manifesting and building their 'personal unified field', taking people from their allocation points, within the unified field.. and their personal unified fields. Collapsing unified fields, so you can have and build, and design and create your personal unified field, and.. there are lots and lots and lots of people.. that are currently living this..system manifestation. Creating manifesting and designing, direct consequence, of.. some people and other people having absolutely nothing, that cannot exist.. or find an allocation point within the unified consciousness field.. because of and due to the 'law of balance'. Because..within the unified consciousness field.. there is a set amount, of designed allocation points.. in other words, the world system of today..can only handle: so many people, alright? and if you are not one of those have nothing. Because you're not supported by the world system: you're not supported by money. So.. For you to create a new allocation point, because remember you're creating a total new unified field - a personal unified field - You're 'creating new' allocation points, alright? So, for your personal..unified have allocation points, to lock human beings into you - as a unified field - other unified field..connection points..has to shut down. Ok? because.. to balance out the 'total stability' of the world system.. because it can handle only so many people.. within it's current, how we have manifested it. Within you creating that one new allocation point, lock a being into your 'personal'.. unified field.. other openings, as allocation points, within the greater unified field, with other human beings' unified fields - as their personal unified fields - within reality within existence, are shutting down..and closing..and.. that's why..from a perspective..less and less and less and less 'people'.. within this world, within this reality within this existence.. can get a job, can get work..because there are people.. within this reality within this existence, that are.. Living and standing as this 'attraction system', creating their own personal unified fields.. that are shutting down.. openings, and possibilities for other human beings within this reality. So, within the greater scheme of things.. What happen is total, unified consciousness field 'parts' within this world.. shut down..alright? Like total countries.. where there are now countries with people that have 'absolutely nothing'. Within the example of starvation, and poverty. Where they now, have to depend on.. those that give them 'something'.. to be able to survive and exist in this world. Because they do not have..a allocation, point.. within the world system within this existence.. because of human beings creating their personal unified fields..for themselves, within the want need and desire of money. Only, thinking of and considering 'themselves', and.. their pathway of success that they want to attain to, within this world within this reality within this existence. Believing that: but i want..what i want is just what i want, and i'm going to get it! Not realizing, the extensive nature and consequences.. that exist within that within this world, and it's, and it's extensive.. within how we are currently accepting and allowing ourselves to live. Realizing what it is that we are actually doing, and thus how.. Each one of us, is..individually responsible.. for, human beings within this world..that currently have 'nothing'.. and no one, that supports them stand with them.. as Sustenance to be able to exist and survive in this world, and.. to live and function, practically and efficiently.. within this world this existence this reality that we all share. 'select few', want to.. make their wants needs and desires in this reality, a.. personal utopia..and.. which cause create manifest others to exist in a living 'literal physical real hell'. Alright. So, this is the system manifestation of the attraction system. it is that.. we are individually responsible for how we are creating manifesting and designing.. this world, even though we are not directly.. physically at specific allocation points wherein beings.. are experiencing for example starvation, poverty and famine. Alright. Thank you very much. this is Sunette. End of Discussion. CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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Mega-Wealth with the L.O.A. ( law of attraction)
You created an imbalance through wanting to create a personal Unified Field because youre taking and from that taking you wanted to attract- so you attracted to attract you took out of other Unified Fields to create your own Unified Fields - and thus those unified Fields had to collapse for you to have your own personal Unified Field ok?
Thats basically what happens with one human being within this reality, within this existence that is walking and living as the Attraction System which is now manifested as living human beings as the Law of Attraction.. in discussion with Sunette Spies from Desteni

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