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爱因斯坦大爆炸? 盘古初开第一粒 粒子的访问: 宇宙起源的真相!

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Desteni Interdimensional Portal Interview: The Start of Existence - The First Molecule [em] Hi, [eh] i am the First Molecule well...[hah] i'd say All Molecules that Exist is the First Molecule So you are Probably Asking, Everyone always Ask: where does Existence Start? where do i Come From? From ME - the First Molecule i Experienced myself as a Molecule and...i was Alone, and now i am Placing my Expression into Words - Remember This i didn't Know of Words when i was a Molecule, in the First Vibration of Existence in its Entirety i am Explaining my Expression in Words - right now for the First Time Was Me all Alone and i was alone in this Vastness of Infinity i was Alone, i Didn't Want to be Alone so i Duplicated myself - into Another Me and then i Started Talking to me and...That me..Duplicated itself into Another - It so, it was Three Me[s] and so it Continued... i've made...Many me[s] of Me - in molecule vibration well not Talking, you know like Experiencing - Remember like..."Hello Me, how are Me Doing?" "Fine Me" - the same, it was Equal and One in Terms of Experiencing myself as Me as All my Duplicated Forms, but i was Still One with myself, Please i can Bring myself Back into me - One Molecule Again or Spread myself out into Thousands, Millions so Started Playing with that, it was Quite Fun, but then, i got Bored then I went like: now I want To Experience i want To... and I Remember these are All Vibrations, i just Started Vibrating and then i Realized - oh my god! i am a Molecule and then i Started Vibrating - in Terms of: i Don't wanna be Alone so let me Make Many Me[s] so that i am not Alone and then i went...then an Yearning Came - a Desire! to Experience myself like...there was something More that's what i...that's what it Felt like...there's something there was Something More and then i Wondered but couldn't i Maybe then- as this Molecule Change my Shape so i Played with Shapes i Remember it's Got to do with Vibration Sound, Sound Vibration. i was a Sound Vibration Molecule a Molecule is a manifested - Singular Sound Vibration - Remember That and then i went: but now i want to Experience myself but how do i Experience myself? you know Felt like - i wanted to Stretch myself and then i Did do that - i Stretched myself into Sound - to Different Sound Manifestations that's what i Did. so i Took all my me[s] that i Duplicated myself in, and I put Them All in front of me and i Played with me i manifested me in many Different manifested forms of Sound - Vibration now i Was Different! now All my me[s] was Different, but i knew it was me but know - it was Different so i re...i Remembered: ok, this is me All me[s] in front of me that i've Duplicated is me and it's now Different Sound manifestations - of me because i am Different but it's still me, i am still One and Equal but then, an Interesting thing Happened all the me[s] that i Duplicated myself into, became - Individual they started Becoming, that Individual Sound manifestation i manifested those me as me Into i know it sounds Confusing, but that's what Happened and then...Yer, so they Became Individual and i Forgot about them Being Me and they then went Their Own Way, and i Went my Own Way and then all of us Went Our Own Way so we forgot that...they Forgot that they Were Me i Duplicated Them from Me because they were now - Individual in Their manifested Sound Expression but Even when you're Individual, in manifested Sound Expression - you're Still One and Equal you just have to Remember it and Know it so that's where Separation Started that's Where Everything Else Started Coming From and that's all i have to Say Right Now Thank you For messages from Recently Departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews Screened Shortly: Edgar Cayce, Oscar Wilde, Karl Marx

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