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Les Contras, de Damas à Alep 1/8/2012

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Syria - August the 1st, 2012 The Contras, from Damascus to Aleppo -Hello, we are the first of August. We are in Damascus. The city is totally free from the Contras who tried to attack it. There are no more fights here, except, however, from time to time, some Contras who are isolated in the city and trying to leave. And then yesterday there was another group who entered from Lebanon and who tried to create troubles in the Christian neighborhoods but they were forced back. Many of you have asked questions about the Battle of Damascus and I would like to give you a little explanation. Behind me you can see the orchard of Razzi. In fact, we are at the outskirt of the town and here is the countryside. On one side we have the Mazzeh district, where are the embassies, and on the other side, over there the district of Kaffar Sousse. Between these large orchards, where there are fruit trees, on the one hand but here it was mostly a field of prickly pears. See, they are trees much taller than the human size. And, in this large field of prickly pears, were hidden a bunch of people. There was a battle here, particularly tough, which ended with heavy weapons. And today, if nothing is left of the field it is because we finished, bulldozing, removing what was left. While the battle is over here, while Homs has been freed for several months, the "Syrian free" Army has now decided to attack the city of Aleppo. So they have even less chance of succeeding in Aleppo than here because as much as Homs was the city of the country which was a bit fondamentalist, Aleppo is the enlightened town. So they will not find any public support there. But, what happens in Aleppo is as much a war of images than a military one. So the people of NATO organized a press trip to Aleppo for Western journalists. So they recruited journalists, they brought them here from Turkey with the Contras, and they arrived in Aleppo. They stayed there two days and were just sent back to Turkey. Almost no Western journalist remains on site, except two or three of them, such as Javier Espinosa. What is important in this operation is, of course, the fact that journalists were brought with the troops from Turkey. So they know that they are all foreign troops who came from Turkey, who entered in the country. It's not a revolution! Yet they continue to tell you that it is a revolution. Now if it was one, they would have seen signs of a revolution. They would have seen the people rise up, people occupy the public buildings, build barricades to defend them. They saw nothing that kind! Instead, they showed them a few excited ones who made ​​sounding statements and then brought them at the outskirts of the town just as they were attacking several police stations. So they witnessed the lynchings and murders of police officers, they found that normal. And then. They were brought back to Turkey. And now, the "Syrian free" Army tries to take a specific area of the city and to make it the new Baba Amr. So as soon as this "Syrian free" Army settled there, the local population escaped, went in other areas of the city where they were sheltered by their parents and friends. within a few hours, pratically almost no people remained in this neighborhood. There, the "Syrian free" Army decided to cleanse those who stayed, as they did wherever they attempted to settle, from Deera up to Bab Amr. So they have, among other things, arrested a Bedouin family, the al-Berry's who are supposed to be pro-government. They put them against a wall and they killed them. We'll show you the video they have shot, themselves, and spread on the Internet: Syria, Aleppo - Bab Al Nairab The Berry family murdered in Bab al Nairab The family massacred had not agreed to collaborate with the Contras -In the video you have just seen you must have noticed the state of extreme excitement of the people of this "Syrian free" Army. Therefore they are Islamists but who have the particularity to spend their time saying that we should not drink alcohol while they use hard drugs. As you can see, they are in a state of excitement quite abnormal because these people are not able to combat without using drugs. And you find also a kind of jubilation, a kind of joy when they kill civilians.

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Posted by: meeme on Aug 2, 2012

Thierry Meyssan fait le point de la situation en Syrie, ce 1er août 2012.

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