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The Life of Gregor Mendel Vol 2

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Hi my name is Gregor Mendel and I was born on July 22 on a small town called Heizendorf, Austria. When i was 11, my headmaster was so impressed with my knowledge That he recommended to my family a junior high in Troppau and that was a financial problem for my family but, when i finished my studies in 1840, i was the best. I was in a 2 year program in the philosophical institute of the University of Olmutz where I got really depressed but i finished my studies in 1843. Then, I had a huge fight with my father and because of that I escaped to the St. Thomas monastery where i had access to a great facility and a huge library where I made my experiments and then, i got a mental illness and then i went to Zanim to teach. Sorry for the interruption, I had to move. I started my experiments around 1854 and in that time, there was a general idea that all the hybrids where a random combination of the parent traits. This idea also included that hybrids couldn´t form new forms because they always return to the original form. This idea was based on short experiments in contrasts with mine that lasted over 8 years and I made it with hundreds and thousands of plants. In 1853, I returned to my highschool in Brno to teach and started my famous experiments with peas. I used peas in my experiment because the offspring was easily produced. I used plants with opposite characteristics: some were tall, some were small, some had straight lines, some were smooth and some were green and some other yellow, etc. When I was doing my experiments, I discovered 2 important things: The characteristics that were hereditary, I call them factors but you call them genes, were the characteristics that passed to the next generation. And the other thing is that the genes contain alleles.There are 2 kind of alleles: dominant and recessive. During gamete formation, the allele of each gene segregate from each other so that only one gamete contains only one allele for each gene. The Law of Independent Assortment stated that some traits passed in a cross-over independently from other traits. Well, after i published my results, I did 2 lectures at the National Science Society. and they published my results in a journal with the title "Experiments in plant hybrids" and after that I misunderstanding with some people that said that my work wasn´t at all important but then, they checked it again and then, they made it a general law so it´s really a big deal. At first, my studies weren´t recognized by the science community but I knew that my knowledge and all of my work would, at the end, pay off. This was how Gregor Mendel looked like. As mentioned before, he was born in Heizendorf, which is located in Austria. This is the monastery to which he escaped. This is how his experiment looked like. This is kind of an example of his experiment because he used tall and short plants. And he also used different colors, for example green or yellow. This is how he described dominant alleles And her is shown a recessive allele. This is also an image to understand the Law of Segregation and also the Law of Independent Assortment.

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