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Hello my name is Mijael I'm from Argentina I'm thirteen years old I live with my mother, my brother and my sister my favourite food is barbecue and my favourite drink is orange juice. Hi, my name is Elena. I'm fourteen years old. I'm from Spain. I live with my mother and my brother. My favourite food is salad. My hobbi is going out with my friends. I like listen to music and tennis and volleyball My favourite animal is dog. Hi. My name is Eric Herrera. I'm fourteen years old. I'm from Barcelona, Spain I study here. In I.E.S. Barcelona Congrés My favourite subjects are Maths and P.E. My favourite sports are tennis and football I play football for... C.E.Congrés Hi my name is Jennifer. I'm from Barcelona I'm fifteen, my favourite subject is Arts I love pizza, ice cream and pasta And my favourite group is Mägo de Oz. Hello My name is Alex, I'm 14 years old I'm from Spain, Barcelona I love pasta and meat I like sports, specially football, tennis and basketball My favourite animals are slow bear and elefant. hi, my name is nina I'm fourteen years old I from Spain I live in Barcelona with my mother and my brother I like going out with my friends My hobby is photography and drawing My favourite subject is maths and science and my favourite food is pizza Hello my name is Nestor. I'm fourteen years old, I was born in Spain, Barcelona I live with my mother my father and my brother I like palay basketball, parkour and drawing my favourite food is fruit and meat and my favourite drink is water. Hi my name is Sirlyn. I'm from Peru I'm fourteen years old. Now I live in Spain with my family I study in IES BARCELONA CONGRES. My favourite subjects are Maths and English. My hobies are singing and dancing. My favourite sport is tennis. I like pizza and cake. Hi. My name is Aleix I am fourteen yeras old and I'm from Barcelona. I have a sister and my favourite subjects are science and maths and my favourite food have meat and pizza

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Country: Spain
Language: English
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Posted by: architecturecongres2011 on Oct 26, 2011

students introduce themselves

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