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Let's talk about intelligence. Orange's virtual assistant is called Djingo. This name conceals a true ecosystem. I'll describe some aspects of its personality. Djingo is erudite. It's been designed with all of Orange's expertise, in various fields, such as linguistics, algorithms, as well as home automation and contents. Djingo is open-minded, as much as our innovation can be. It's supported by the best services and technologies offered by the key players in artificial intelligence, such as Microsoft, Amazon and IBM. Finally, and this won't surprise you, Djingo is accessible. To exchange, you can contact it with your voice or by text. Either through the remote control of the new Livebox, which now integrates a microphone. Or through your Orange apps, or even through a new equipment for your home. This is the Djingo Speaker. Here, it's placed on a stele with a speaker, so you can hear it clearly. It's very nice. It speaks French. It will find its rightful place in your home and will soon become completely vital. Because this Speaker, as its name suggests, is one of the ways to discuss with Djingo. OK Djingo. [beep] How are you? Hey Stephane, I'm well, thanks, and you? Great! Seems today will be a wonderful day! OK Djingo. [beep] What can you do? Well, I can do many things. For instance, inform you, help you to communicate, or even to use your Orange services. Djingo is deployed in many of our Orange services at home, such as your TV, or soon on your home automation. You can ask it to look for a movie, to reduce the brightness, or even to put on a song. Let's remember a nice memory together. OK Djingo. [beep] Can you put the song "Art Melody" from Chilly Gonzales? [music] OK Djingo. [music] [beep] - Can you stop the music? [music stops] For Orange, it was essential that Djingo would also enable you to make calls, send or receive text messages, and be connected to your social media. OK Djingo. [beep] Can you tell me how much #helloshow tweets have been sent this morning? So far, 3,976 showhello tweets have been sent. Not bad! [laughs] [applause]

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