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Muammar Gaddafi on swedish television

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Yes, there is no democracy. It is an undemocratic system. The majority rejects the governing. If he who rules in Sweden received under 50% of the votes- -he has the majority against him. How should he rule over the majority who did not choose him? yes ... roughly Firstly: I do not like to impose my will upon them. Their personality and lifestyle need to grow spontaneously.. ...although I wished that everyone would become a doctor. -who treated poor people for free- -worldwide and particularly in Africa. Yes- why not? It is normal. I tend not to be subjected to criticism- -because I exercise no power- -politicians and government officials are often criticized because they abuse the power. But in Libya, the system has grass-roots. People beyond power themselves. It is a popular self-government I regret to say... ...that it is a wrong analysis. The revolution is the same in Libya and abroad. My responsibility for the revolution is the same. That is not true. there is no opposition in a country with popular system. Opposition is directed against a government, and Libya has no government. I'm against blasting of train and kidnapping of hostages. In Libya, there are strict laws against terrorism. Of course not. I can not support terrorism. But colonialists distort the image of their opponents- -and they say that Gaddafi is a terrorist- -and he is behind terrorist actions- -in fact, they work against me at the disgusting way. -because I oppose colonists and imperialists. Each thing has its time. No. He was a remarkable person. Let's talk about the Green book now. This is not a political position. It is an ideology .. .a philosophy. The ''Green book'or Gamahijra-theory is a philosophical theory. Policies change over time- -but philosophy remain as philosophy. The ''green book'' predicted 10-15 years ago- -what is happening today in Eastern Europe. It predicts what will happen in Western Europe- -In the capitalist world... Worldwide. In order not to make it embarrassing for those who reached- -out his hand but I did not want to take in hand. I Didnt want to shake hand with some. Some of them. When I do not have gloves- -and someone want to shake hand which i dont want to shake hand with- it will be embarrassing for me. But if i have gloves then he know... in this way will not be embarrassed. It was a shock to discover- -that mankind is still sore and undeveloped. Sometimes I think that people are the world's worst creature Yes, camels, deer, birds .... Isn't donkeys better than the Americans? If America was forest full of donkeys- -wouldn't it not be better than america with floats and nucealer weopens? The emotional side is a significant part. You either love him or hate him.

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muammar gaddafi appeared on swedish television in 1990. Reporter Stina Lundberg Dabrowski.

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