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A good detective has to be smart. because, sometimes they have to figure out some pretty clever citters. Take Karen Kryer and dolphins. These marine mammals have a reputation. they are considered one of the smartest animals on the planet. Karen -- she has a reputation, too. She is considered one of the smartest sleuths in the dolphin division. So they are made for each other. This guy right here is an orca. He may be known as a killer whale, but he's actually a big relative in the dolphin family. Whoa! Watch out! Orcas and dolphins are pretty tricky characters, meaning they can do some pretty great tricks. Karen does a lot of her sleuthing at a marine park in the USA, where she can work with dolphins everyday. This one right here has been trained to breathe on cue, so doctors can give her a check-up. How do these animals learn this stuff? And what's going on in their minds? Can you actually read a dolphin's mind? Well, maybe not, but Karen has been working with dolpins for over forty years, so she's learned a great deal about their behavior through trial and observation. She discovered that - if you give a dolphin some yummy fish whenever it does something new, like a new flip, then the dolphin will keep trying new things in hopes of a reward. that means dolphins are creative. They have some sort of imagination, just like us. Now that we know that dolphins are creative, we can train them more effectively, and we can better understand their behavior in the wild. A lot of wild detectives only look at what animals do. But Karen, she's a detective who investigates what animals think. That's helped her solve a lot of mysteries involving a mammal with a lot on his mind.

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Duration: 2 minutes and 54 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: National Geographic
Director: Karen Kryer
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Posted by: greenbo on Apr 24, 2010

Karen Kryer's research into the minds of dolphins

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