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The Sitter (2011)

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[phone rings] [ TV show ] (woman) Noah, can you get the phone? Mom, the phone's ringing. (Mom) Noah, please get the phone. Mom, the phone's ringing - do you hear it? (Mom) Have you started looking for a job yet? (Noah) Sorry. What about babysitting? Babysitting sucks. Adult men don't babysit things. You're wonderful with children. [doorbell] Noah. (Noah) Mrs. Pedulla. It's so good to see you! (Noah) Oh, my gosh. Get o - bring it in for a hug, man, what are you doing? (Pedulla) This is Slater, Blythe, and Rodrigo. (Blythe) My real babysitter, Nancy, she does what I want her to do. I'm not a real babysitter. I'm more of a sit on the couch... What's up little tampon? whatever I say or I'll kill you type of babysitter. Ah! You sprayed perfume in my mouth! I hate you. (Noah) I will destroy you. Oh! You did it again. (girl's voice) I'm at a party. Do you want to come? I probably shouldn't. I was thinking we could have sex. Yeah, maybe I could work something out. Kids, fasten your seatbelts. [tires squeal] ♪[M.O.P. - "Ante Up"] ♪ We stiflin' them fools, fool what you want ♪ What are you doin' in here? I dropped a bomb. Oh, that's very cute. [gunshot] [passing gas] Slater! (Slater) That was not me. (Blythe) It was me. I sharted. Oh, come on! I get stuck babysitting these 3 kids... I know him, he's a friend. That looks good. What is that? I'm being chased by 2 insane drug dealers. and I came for my keys to my mini-van. And that's what's up! You know this ain't no place for no kids? My name's Noah Jaybird. Noah Jaybird. [imitates bird] Caw-caw! Ah, you like to fly? What's your name, baby? They call me Soul Baby. Soul Baby, keep it in control, baby. Tears, no fears, man. Oh, is that right? Respect it, don't neglect it. Alright, my brother. Treat it, don't beat it, alright? You're a bad ass mother... [Captions by]

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