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Teach you Design of: Happiness, relationship and life, why didn't it last?

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Desteni Interdimnesional Interview: Happiness - The Design of Happiness Hi there, this is the design of..happiness, communicating to you about 'happiness'. There is, an aspect.. of happiness that is required to be understood, by human beings of this world. and of the mind. Happiness is not a 'doing'. Happiness is not defined by, 'anything separated'..of self. At this very moment, happiness and the design thereof, as myself, within human beings. is 'always connected' to, 'a doing something'..a 'event', a.. another manifestation of being, separated from self. Connected, to a relationship, with something separated..than self, in and of this world. For instance: Happiness, is apparently when, I am in a relationship with someone. I 'feel' happy, when I am in when I am 'at the ocean'. I feel, happy when I am, 'at the fun park' or a game park. I am happy or 'I feel happy', when I receive or 'get' something that I always wanted needed and desired, and wished for and hope for. I am happy, when.. I walk in the house and I see all the housework has been completed and done. I am, happy, when.. I receive a beautiful dress, that I have always desired wanted needed wish, and hope for. I am happy when I see someone else is, apparently 'happy'. Now all these, which is really but a few are examples, of how human beings have defined 'happiness as'. Though this 'happiness', or being 'happy', or 'feeling happy', or I am happy only last, 'for so long'. Consider this, have a look: 'Happiness' and, 'being happy' or 'feeling happy' Only 'exist for really but for a Moment', and it is same with, 'Excitement'. 'Excitement', only exists for so long within you, and then it..dissipate, and disappears. Excitement and happiness, is the same energetic, frequent 'emotions' or 'feeling' Charged, by the Mind! Thus Happiness, is an emotional, or feeling 'expression' of the mind. Excitement, is an emotional or feeling expression of the mind, because and.. Lets take the 'example' thereof, is that 'happiness', and 'excitement' both dissipates, eventually. It just, kind of 'drops'. Thus. For, excitement to expression of, 'disappointment' must exist. For, 'happiness' to exist..'sadness' must exist. (see) The exact, same polarity equation manifestation of the mind. Therefor, happiness, as the same with excitement, is a polarity manifestation, emotional feeling 'of the mind' It is to, experience yourself, to express joy. To stand, live express, and experience yourself 'as joy'. Now this 'joy', I am speaking of 'is not', something that 'comes up or ignite within you'. because of a 'specific event' that takes place or, and as specific 'something outside of you, separated from you', 'making you' feel joy. No. that's what happens to happiness and excitement, happiness and excitement, is usually.. 'Actually always', linked to, a separated source from self, outside of self, that then, 'charges you' to the experience of happiness and excitement 'for but a moment'. There is a difference with you 'as joy' as a expression of joy, of Life within and as oneness and equality. It is 'you as who you are', in other words, This 'expression of joy', is not something of, 'laughter or' (expand) you know. Happy, bubbly, smiling, out there all the time, exuberant expressive, No! This joy, is the presence of 'you' as who you are, of Life within and as oneness and equality. Constant, stable, presence, 'Here' of every breathe. If you'd like to experience the joy of yourself as who you are, of Life within and as oneness and equality? Become, 'the breathe'. The breathe of Life, is the joy, of Life 'as you', as who you are. Therefore. 'Be aware' and become observant, of 'happiness and excitement'. Both 'are emotions, or feelings', that is of the mind. I say and excitement is of, emotions, and feeling, or emotions or feeling because, Excitement, and joy, is 'charged through emotions', to generate 'the feeling', that you 'experienced' as happiness and..excitement. So, happiness and excitement, 'originate' from suppressed emotions, within you. Thus, You will, 'perceive yourself to be Happy and Excited', 'for but a moment' it only last for so long because energy can only last for so long. and then it 'dissipates' and run out, and then you go to the other extreme, which is.. 'sadness'. and, something will happen in your world that will trigger sadness. and then something will happen that will trigger, 'happiness', and 'excitement'! and then you go back to sadness again, and then anger, and then, You continuing in your world- in the experience of, the polarity manifestation of the mind. From one extreme to the another extreme, from one extreme to the other extreme.. To get out of the 'extremes' of the polarity, of the mind.. Remain Here of every breathe that is you, of Life, within and as oneness and equality. Thank you very much. this is of 'happiness'. Communicating about, myself, as happiness. Thank you very much. Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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