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Jean Raspail

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Jean Raspail asks himself, if on our planet, today, the white Westerner is not an endangered minority. I am not a real story teller through words, I am a writer. And today, I came to tell you a story. This is a story, let's say that happened tomorrow. To us, French people and maybe all we Westerners. This story begins on the evening of the Holy Saturday and an exceptional event, incomprehensible disrupts our existence. Here is a fleet, a fleet that just washed up on the coasts of Southern France. There are one hundred ships, very old, for which this long journey was hard. And on board, one million immigrants. They are miserable and starving people. People who came peacefully, from the other side of the planet. People who came to find a Paradise here and who are waiting for the morning to disembark. South of France was emptied of its inhabitants. There had been a reverse exodus. The entire population fled to the North. The remnants of the French army came to take position. Many have deserted to not have to fight this misery or even to confront this misery, which in sort, is peaceful. In this deserted South of France, there are still bands, which took position to welcome these immigrants. There are idealistic to whom this fleet is like an extraordinary symbol of liberation. There are maybe asocial, immigrant workers for whom this fleet is also a symbol of liberation. The prisons were also opened, and all those people are also waiting for this extraordinary phenomenon, that will maybe occur. The entire world also awaits the reaction of France. Because, what is the decision to take? Open its arms to this enumerable misery, with the risk to lose ourself in it or deny hope by the weapons to people who have no more? And the entire world is attentive to it. South Africa, of course, all of black Africa, urban ghetto of New York, Paris, London, all the immigrants, who work for us, everywhere and that we never see, who are invisible beings. And other fleets also await France reaction to embark from all over the Third World to arrive in this Western Paradise. Thus, this is the evening of the Holy Saturday. At midnight, on Easter, because there is a coincidence with the resurrection, at midnight, the President must speak. We must go back a little and think about the unbalance of the world population, at the time when this story happens. There is seven billion men on Earth and only 900 million white Westerners, which, we must say, are super healthy in a world that is very hard. This fleet left the Ganges, whereas a result of lots of hunger, everyone rushed to the Western consulates, which represented Paradise and as they could do nothing for them, so, there was like a spontaneous embarkation. The trip took 40 days around Africa up to Gibraltar. By astonishing luck there was no storm. The fleet of old ships was able to make this long trip of 40 days safely, like if God himself had decided that the fleet must arrive. And also all the universal consciousness stepped in during these 40 days. Moral and religious authorities said that, this misery that was coming had to be taken care of and that it was not conceivable to reject it. And in the same time, the ancient terror of the great invasions, the great wars of race, the great migrations, which is a terror in our people since a long time. This ancient terror has replaced the generous feeling. And that is when the exodus took place, but with no spirit of resistance. The fleet moved on and everything felt apart. Governments had meetings. No one knew which decision to take. We were waiting, hoping that they will not arrive. And then, it was there. It is midnight, Easter morning, the President of the French Republic is going to speak. Then, of course we must refer to the text of his speech, that I will not give to you, of course, completely. And the President of the French Republic says: "In 5 hours, at dawn, our country will have lost or kept its integrity preserved for more than one thousand years. In this circumstance, we have the formidable honor to serve as a test, an example and a symbol, because other Western nations at the same time threatened by a similar phenomenon, like all of us is reluctant to oppose it." So, needless to say that the whole world is listening. What will France do? I skip the speech, which lasted about 10 minutes. And just at the end of his speech, the President who seems very firm, says: "French men, French women, my dear compatriots, I gave the order to our national army, to oppose by force the landing of the immigrant fleet. This a mission." And at this time, we feel that he breaks up. There are 30 amazing seconds of a silence on a global scale, the President is recovering and in changed voice he says: "This is a terrible mission, in my soul and conscience, I ask each soldier, each policeman, each officer, to measure precisely - each remaining free after - to accept or to refuse. Kill is difficult, knowing why, is even more. I know it myself, but I don't have my finger on the trigger, nor the flesh of an ill-fated at some meters of my weapon. My dear compatriots, whatever happens, God bless us and forgives us." I just, in fact, told you a part or at least a good part of the begining of a novel I wrote which is called "The camp of the Saints". It will be published again. I would like to give you quickly, the reason for its title. It comes from the Apocalypse. The time of the thousand years is ending, "Here comes out the nations that are at the four corners of the Earth and which are equal in numbers to the sand of the sea. They will go on expedition on the surface of the Earth, they will surround the camp of the saints." I wrote that book in 1973, it will be publish again, but here is what in 1974 wrote the President of Algeria, Mr. Boumediene, who certainly did not read "The camp of the Saints": He says: "We could find together a new way of life, which would make possible the subsistence of 8 billion on Earth, otherwise, any number of atomic bombs will stem the tidal marshes constitutes by the billions of human beings, who will leave one day from the southern and poor countries in the world, to break into the relatively open spaces of the wealthy Northern hemisphere In search of survival."

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The big replacement of population in Europe

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