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Leprechaun! They Really Exist! Why we hide? Ask yourself! Zoo!

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Desteni Interdimensional Interview: Voices! Leprechaun Hello! I am a, Leprechaun, that died (right) yes. we do still exist, and fairies, and gnomes and foawrs, we do exist in this world they are very far away from 'human beings' because of course obviously, if we were 'known' to exist exactly where people would obviously all around the world come rush in come take us experiment on us, and 'capture us', and probably make like a, little mini 'zoo' like you do with 'animals'! So, I, 'died' and I got into the, 'dimensions', now during that time the, 'great divide' still existed and, I notice an fascinating 'manifestation' which is, human beings and it was dimensional beings at that time as well, and 'everyone was just walking and talking' just talking the whole time just, 'talking'! just speaking, and you can see the words, flowing out, and the sound flowing out and throwing into other people and you see their reactions and conversations 'in the group' and and, it is interesting for instance in a group of people talking people just talking, and everyone's talking, and then there's just as the words throw into the other, in one human being or to the 'rest of human beings' their their whole 'systems' their mind consciousness systems which is the entire system inside human beings which they believe themselves 'to be', like 'lights up' like fireworks, the whole time and then you see the laughter, or the 'sadness', comparison or judgment or jealousy 'something', you can actually see, these systems like Rising up, and 'coloring' like a firework show that's happening, at the same time but these, people are just - sitting! Talking! and, that's what I noticed human beings do - they just Talk I know I am Talking as well at the moment, but Hear what I'm saying! I am saying that people are just talking, they're not, Living and, all where they're existing is here (head) at the moment they and everything is going around, and on in here, and they're talking like and and the words are just flowing out all the time and lighting up other people's Systems! the whole time So the world is, and and dimensions at the time were, were but a manifestation of "babbling fools", and that's it! and, I don't, in heaven 'stumble upon', many, that actually 'Live'! if no one and Yeah! So at the moment I'm in the dimensions, ah-well, inside human beings well actually I'm I'm, I'm like, focusing on manifestation again because you know, I am Here so I I don't want to be limited to just being, defined as dead, dimensional Yet I still exist! of course, I would like to manifest in both possibilities you know, for instance just pop up next to you in one moment (surprise) saying hello, and then going 'away' again so its that I'm focusing om- 'on' I'm focusing on manifest 'manifesting' myself again without being, 're-born' and So, maybe that's just something to look at, you know 'why? am I just talking?' 'What is Living!? am I not livning?' No you're not living! how can you live if you just 'talk'!? 'you just talk'! and then these thoughts and then these little funny experiences inside you, and that's Apparently Living, it's not! it's a, reaction of systems inside you, which is called the mind consciousness 'system' and, don't worry the dimensions are in the same boat they're also Learning, if you want to call it that or in a Process of what it 'actually means' to Live in this world! to 'express' in this world, and to 'experience' yourself in this world, so I'd rather say: Stop talking, and being be a 'babbling fools'! rather, Live! the words you speak as One with yourself and be careful of what you speak because (smile) what you 'speak' might just 'manifest' Ok So, this is me, the Leprechaun and, Oh, the 'voices' Yeah! you know people are just 'voices', just these mem- memory manifested voices that 'speak' looking for something - reason purpose, a path of, 'worthiness', things like that Stop. that would be Past memories, and thoughts, experiences you've had they are trying to figure out what they are (right) it's only a mind, consciousness system that wants to figure out who it is? what it is? who you are is an 'expression' of yourself, as you live the words, as one with yourself Ok, so that is what I'll have to say, this is the 'Leprechaun', and I maybe! when you're like asleep I'll come, pop up next to you (laugh) Ok, Thank You very much. bye bye Please join us for Discussion: For Regular Updates: Join, Beyond the grave: More more recently departed and MISSING CHILDREN: Interviews screened shortly: Edgar Cayce, Oscar Wilde, Karl Marx CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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