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Can you tell me how you came to realize that something serious was going on, something traumatic so close to your home? Yes, so it was Friday, about nine o'clock, nine thirty, I think. We were chatting in the living room and we began hearing repeated gunshots, and then we looked and saw people running in all directions, down on the street and we started to hear people screaming. I thought it would calm down, I thought it was just something temporary, but it began to increase in intensity, continuing until the gunfire broke out again, that lasted non-stop for about fifteen minutes here. What did you think at that moment? We thought about Charlie Hebdo, we said that it was happening all over again. That was also off to the side, and we had heard the shots, except that in this case because of the intensity of the shots I really felt that it would be a massacre because they didn't stop, just didn't stop. We quickly turned off the lights and closed the curtains, there was just us and our three year old daughter who had woken up from the gunfire. She was trying to fall asleep and came racing towards us down the hallway. I took her to the back of her bedroom and covered her eyes while he kept an eye on what was happening outside. When people started to get out on the roofs, and started to hear the screams coming from the street, what did you hear? When they arrived they started shooting into the street, in front of the bar, they immediately started shooting at people who were outside. Then came the RAID, they headed upstairs. You saw them? Yes, they climbed up the stairs, there was a group positioned in front of the entrance to the Bataclan. What did you do when you saw the RAID coming up the stairs? I knew that there were suicide bombers. We were all so scared we were already locked up in here, we were afraid that they had entered the building. They even kept shooting after the police had entered the building, right up to the moment when they told us that it was likely that eventually they would try to enter the building, it was pretty scary at the time. I looked in that direction, and I avoided looking at the sidewalk because there were windows right in front of our building and I couldn't risk getting shot. Did you quickly realize the magnitude of the situation? Yes, we had already experienced the attacks of Charlie Hebdo at the beginning of year. We had not forgotten, we know what kind of threats have been hanging over us for months. Given the intensity of gunfire at the beginning, and duration, we thought that it was a massacre, it seemed that we were hearing gunshots not just here, but far away as well and there was the impression that the they were walking throughout the streets shooting everyone. That is how we knew the Bataclan was full, because we see the line outside the Bataclan every night... How have things been since then? We took our daughter out of town, to get away from everything, escape a little. Do you think about what happened often? Oh yes, it is difficult to come to terms with these memories and difficult to put it behind you when you are so close to the massacre, when you have all the press, all the people leaving tributes. We are thinking about moving, to hide ourselves. That sound you hear is a siren, is it disturbing? Yes, it is disturbing and it never stops. I'm scared, I think this will start over again, that they will do it again.

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