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Richell Convertible Elite Mesh Gate 1080

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[RICHELL CONVERTIBLE MESH GATES] If you're like me, your pets are a big part of your family. You only want what's best for them. I also feel the same way about my home. I want it to look and feel the best that I can make it. The Richell Convertible Mesh Gate, fills both those needs. It's functional and safe for my dog, while looking great inside my home. Best of all, I can use it three different ways [FREESTANDING GATE, ROOM DIVIDER, PET PEN] depending on what I need that day. When I have company or I need to keep my girl in just one section of the house, I can use it as a room divider. I can also easily change it into a pen, in case I need to keep her out of trouble while I'm gone or doing chores around the house. Isn't that right Timber, who gets in trouble. Sometime I just leave the gate open [LIFT TO OPEN] so that she knows she can come and go as she wishes. This works great in my bedroom at night or anytime during the day when she wants to rest, but still be a part of the activity. [LIFT UP EASILY] I like how I can configure the panels [NO TOOLS NEEDED] without using any tools. It's super easy and quick. Best of all, the Convertible Elite Mesh Gate Is finished in a rich bronze color with an elaborate metal screen, which I love and looks great in my home. I use the Convertible Elite Mesh Gate all the time. And if there is any other areas in the home which simply just need a gate, I use the Deluxe Freestanding Mesh Gate. It's perfect for my best friend and I. We love them and you will too. [FREESTANDING GATE, ROOM DIVIDER, PET PEN] [...BECAUSE YOUR PET IS FAMILY] [RICHELL CONVERTIBLE MESH GATE, RICHELLUSA.COM]

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Posted by: richell on Aug 21, 2017

Richell Convertible Elite Mesh Gate 1080

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