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Water cycle

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- Oh, these small drops are becoming bigger! - Yes, now they are becoming heavier! - They have started falling down now. -Yes, now they are becoming bigger and heavier, they are falling down due to Earth's gravity. This is called precipitation. - See, Jimmy, now the rain drop has become a part of river. -Oh, now again it would become out vapour, would the sun come out? - You are a smart boy, that is why it is called the water cycle. - Let me show you how to make rain at home. - Water is turning into vapour due to hitting. - Like sun hits the water in the pan and rivers, and water becomes vapour. Let me put the cover on it, it is not hot. Water gets evaporated due to hit and reaches the cover, as a cover temperature is low it condenses, then more water drop combines and then precipitates - Wow, let me note it down how rain happens. First, evaporation happens, then water molecules come close and condensation happens. Then drops become bigger and heavier and precipitation happens. - Let's go out, something is happening. - Oh, it is a hail storm. - Yes, these small balls of ice. - Why does this happen? Is there a refrigerator in the clouds? - Let me show you. - Oh, it is so cold here, I will freeze. - Yes, if water evaporates in the air, go very high. They start freezing like ice. - Oh, then they start falling down. - Yes, then they become heavy, they start falling down. - Let's go back to ours now! - Oh, I thought god has a refrigerator on the sky. - Let's go home, you are really wet now. - Yes, let's make rain at home!

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Posted by: iss2ss on Apr 16, 2013

This video describes the continuous movement of water on, above and below the surface of the Earth and it is specially designed for young learners.

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