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Brotherhood final

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Previously on "The Brotherhood" Oh honey, you look so great. I love you so much. I love you too. Pablo, my dear, I know I'm going to die soon. So you must know this... Your grandpa and I We had lots of savings in a back-up bank account. It's over (cough) $12 million. And there's also one thing I need to tell you. It's about... your mother. She... She... (dies) Pablo, I'm your brother. Hi. Hi babe. How are you doing? Well I've been better. This is that guys I was talking about. Hi, I'm Lucas. Hi, it's so nice to meet you! I've heard so much about you. Good things I hope. Come, take a seat. I'm just preparing dinner. I'll set a place for you. Would you like something to drink? Water, please. No problem. I'm so glad I've found you guys. Ever since mum left with me I've been completely cut off. I barely knew anything about you until I learned of grandma's sickness. And I just knew I had to find you. Well, I wish you would've written to me sooner but it's good to see you here. But actually why didn't you? Uh... well... I... I didn't want to be a burden to you guys... Who's this? Andrea, this is Pablo's brother. Hi, I'm Lucas. Nice to meet you. Maybe you can prepare a room for Lucas? Have you got a place to stay? No, I just heard of grandma and I knew I had to come and didn't have time to plan anything. Well, you can stay with us. Andrea, show him the guest room, please. That's fabulous. Thank you very much. What was that for? We barely know the guy. Family is family. Well played. I think we've got them wrapped around our finger. It's all for you honey. And for the money. For our well-being, our future. I will never have to wear these rags again. Are you sure she left that much money? Of course. She was the owner of one of the biggest companies in the city! Ok, I believe you. We have to make sure it goes perfectly. I hope so. I've planned everything and it must be perfect. Ok, I'm going down now not to cause suspicion. But stick to the plan. They typically eat breakfast at around 9 o'clock. Be ready by then. I will. (music) This is great. Cod liver oil! Good morning guys! Good morning! You didn't have to do all this. Oh, it's really nothing compared to what you did for me. Brother, I've made us a 'manly' smoothie. It's a formula I've been perfecting for years. Thank you very much. And for you I've got some cold water. Thank you. To health. And prosperity! How did you sleep? The bed was very comfortable (fade into music)... ...And you won't believe what happened! Then, he passed out! (laughter) No no, don't. I'll do that. Oh my, thank you so much. I just hope you enjoyed the meal. I'm going up to get ready. I'm going to go too. See ya! Why didn't it work? He should have been dead long ago! Quiet! It will work. You must have done something wrong. I didn't do anything wrong! I don't do things wrong. You do. You ruin everything! I gave him the perfect amount. It's going to work. (scream) Andrea, call the ambulance! Something's happened to Pablo! I think he's fainted. Told you it would work... Doctor, how is my husband doing? Ms Isabella, I'm so sorry but we think he was poisoned. He will probably be paralysed for the rest of his life. When can I see him? He'll be up by tomorrow. I'm sorry I have to go now. Oh, Ms Isabella. (spanish "Praised be Jesus Christ") (spanish "Now and forever more") Mrs Isabella, how lovely to see you again. How are things getting along? Oh, Priest Santiago, please pray for my husband. He's in a coma! I'm very sorry to hear that. Of course I will mention his name in tomorrow's Mass. Hey Isabella, how are you holding up? Priest Santiago, meet Lucas - my long-lost brother-in-law. Welcome sir. Haven't I seen you before? That's not possible, I just arrived yesterday. Hmm, ok... I think... I've got to go now. Excuse me. Is everything ok with this guy? You know what, I'm starving. I'm just gonna go grab some food. Ok. Good afternoon gentlemen. Agent Lucas. Agent Pablo. You look mighty fine for a paralysed man (laugh). Alright, so tell me what the current situation looks like. Everything is going exactly according to the plan. Isabella is completely convinced. Both of them suspect nothing. They do not even realise how important in the world's history they are. Or... will be. Alright brothers. I think we're ready to move to phase two.

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Brotherhood final

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