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The I'm Local Project Crowdfunding Campaign

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I grew up in a rural community in Northland On a small farm just inland from Oamaru From a town in rural south Canterbury, it’s called ‘Pleasant Point’. Population round about 1200. People weren’t exposed to a lot of differences I didn’t really have any idea what was wrong with me when I was a kid I just knew that I was different. Um I started realising that I was attracted to guys and that that was not a good thing in my community While working for RainbowYOUTH I got the opportunity to speak to a lot of young people who have grown up rurally, like I did And, we came up with a plan to help local communities support and affirm their LGBTI members. We called it the I’m Local Project. With the generous support of funding in 2014, we were to print and distribute over 40,000 booklets to rural communities - in their high schools, their libraries, their medical centres and their community organisations. On average, RainbowYOUTH gets 5 requests each week to send out I’m Local resources around Aotearoa. After two years of this amazing project we’re running really low on resources. But we don't wanna stop until every rural community in Aotearoa has access to this kind of information We’re asking the extended RY whānau and supporters of I’m Local to help us raise $10,000 to go towards printing 30,000 more booklets and providing free postage so we’re able to make sure that every rural community in Aotearoa has access to this information. I’m Local’s important because raising awareness and visibility is not enough, it takes action And I’m Local does just that. Thank you so much RainbowYOUTH for the I’m Local Project resources Young people really related to the information and it’s presented in a really accessible way so we love giving them out Any donation, no matter how big or small will make a major difference. Throw your lose change at us. Visit our Givealittle page today.

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Posted by: toniduu on May 22, 2016

The I’m Local Project aims to help queer & gender diverse youth all over Aotearoa to feel valued, recognised and supported in their local communities.Kicked off in 2014 by RainbowYOUTH, the I’m Local Project focuses on contacting high schools, medical centres, hospitals, libraries, marae and community centres in more rural or isolated area of Aotearoa and supplying them with free resources about gender and sexuality.
So far, we've delivered 60,000 booklets & posters to communities in Northland, wider Auckland, Waikato, Hawkes Bay, Bay of Plenty & Southland. With almost daily requests for resources from organisations around the country, we're fast running out of these resources & posters.
So, we're asking Aotearoa to pitch in to help us print another 40,000 of these booklets and posters, so that we make sure we can keep up with the demand!

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