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Pattern Your Identity

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>> Rob Scott here again. Welcome to this lecture on how to permanently shift your limits. I want to ask you a question before we get started. What happens to us if we believe our limits, if we remain unaware of them, and if we let them live in the background of our mind? I want you to see yourself holding on to those negative thoughts and how that would affect you. If I feel like I'm not enough, if I feel like I'm kind of a loser or I'm not smart enough or everybody doesn't really like me, if I carry those into every interaction, what's going to happen? What happens to me if I believe my own limits? It's obviously not going to work out very well for me. But that's what we're doing much of the time, isn't it? The entire world, not aware of the limits that they're carrying around, the ways that they're talking to themselves, but not you. You've already started to cure your limits simply by bringing them into your awareness. Here's what we're going to do today. We're going to pick new empowering choices and challenge each limit. When we replace these limits, we ultimately replace our identity, and we're going to do it using the power of visualization. Go ahead and take out your list of limits, your 10 or 15 top triggers. And what I want to do here is for each of these limits, I want you to make a new choice. A simple way to do this is simply to see if there's a clear opposite to the statement. Say your statement is, "I'm a loser." That could easily become, "I'm a winner." What we're doing here is we're making new choices for each of these. For each negative thought, we're going to choose a specific new choice, and the easiest way to find these is to just start with the opposite, say it's, "I'm unlovable," that can very easily become "I'm very lovable." My new choice is I'm very lovable. We want them to be supportive and never in the negative. The reason for that is that our subconscious can't really understand negatives in the proper way. We'd never turn "I hate people" into "I don't hate people" because it's actually kind of a double negative that our subconscious just won't understand. Instead of that, we would always write it in the positive. "I hate people" as a negative statement could turn into "I love people" or even "I love it when I love people" or something like that. Now what's really important here is we make sure that it's believable. It does not have to be fantastic and huge. It just needs to be a more positive idea custom-built against your original negative idea. Let's say that your first statement was "I have no money," that does not need to become I have all the money in the world. Now why? Because it's just obviously not true, and our subconscious isn't going to accept it. You don't have all the money. Other people have some of the money. So this was actually one of the problems with the recent positive thinking movements that I'm sure you're familiar with. If your subconscious doesn't buy it, the visualization is not going to work, in fact, it can actually be really detrimental to you. So we don't need to go fantastic and huge with these new choices. It might instead just become "I love all the money that I have." It doesn't sound like that big a deal, but the difference in your mind between "I have no money" and "I love the money that I do have" is huge. It's actually a complete game-changer and it's a phenomenal new choice. So go ahead and pick your new choices for each negative one. You're going to do this for each negative thought on your list, and then lastly, you're going to pick a new identity level choice. You picked a core issue in the first exercise. In this one, I want you to find a core identity to choose. Now note, it may make sense to choose entrepreneur here since we're talking about becoming entrepreneurs, I highly recommend you choose that identity here. But you may notice you could choose whatever seems most important. If something else has come up for you or something seems important to you, of course, you could choose that instead. So your job is to make these new choices and pick a new identity. If you need to pause here to complete that, go ahead. Okay, great work so far. You should have a clear list of powerful new choices and a clear identity that you'd like to become. Now I'm going to show you how to pattern in your new identity so that you become this next version of yourself right now. How do you literally step into a new identity? Well, it needs to be patterned into your subconscious. You've had these limits, these negative ideas about yourself probably since you were just a little child, some of them might be due to a trauma, some may have come on board more recently, but most of them have probably been around for a really long time. But now you're going to condition these new ideas instead, and you're going to normalize them. So then, you're set on autopilot, and your subconscious actually just chooses the new identity without any willpower or any work on your part in doing it. The rules here are, once I teach you this, I want you to practice this for the next seven days to bookend your day with this practice. Once in the morning, and once in the evening. Let me show you the steps. We're going to use one example in this, then you're going to do them for each of your choices. And you can do it every day as a practice, morning and evening for the next seven days. Let's use the negative thought "I'm a loser" and the new choice of "I'm a winner." Step one is just to get into the physicality of your body. I want you to sit up straight, put your hand on your heart, like you're going to make a pledge to yourself, and just feel the heat of that hand or the pressure of that hand. Basically just come into the moment with that. We're not lost in thought and somewhere else, just center yourself. We do that by putting our hand on heart, just kind of centering into it physically. Step two is to declare the new choice. You're going to literally say each time, "My new choice is," okay, "My new choice is I'm a winner." Instead we're just making a new choice here. We're not trying to argue that we were never a loser or any of that stuff. We're just saying from now on, "I'm making a new choice." It's incredibly empowering. So hand on heart, "My new choice is I'm a winner." Step three, I want you to go into your mind after you've said it out loud. You've got your hand on your heart, I want you to visualize times in the past where this was somehow true for you. Just remember different times in the past when the meaning of that statement was true in some way. With this example, we might find times when you felt like a winner. A time when you were a kid and you won at checkers or a time that your team won or the time you got the best grade in class. You're going to stack positive memories of you having this meaning being true for you. And I want you to just be creative and have fun with it. You can even make memories up. Really, whatever feels good and connects you into this new choice. So as another example, let's make up one about money, "My new choice is money comes to me easily and often." I would want you to go back and see times that you got $20 from your grandmother for a holiday or a time that you got your first paycheck working as a child. Whatever it is, you're just going to stack these ideas of getting more money or for this one, being a winner. Find times in the past where they've already been true on some level. Now step four, we want to imagine it true in the present and going into the future as well. Take your choice and think about it happening now. Do this with me. Think about being a winner with whatever's coming up in your life now and into next week. "My new choice is I'm trying and I'm winning." See yourself winning, now and in the future. What would you win at? What will that change in your life? Will you have some business wins? Will you make sales calls, and make some sales, and make more money? What will the people in your life think of you when you start winning? How will your partner or your friends or your family, how will they look at you? How happy will they be? Imagine times where you've had huge wins, see it as massively true for you and really get creative and stack new positive ideas one after the other, faster and faster and faster. There's no wrong way to do this other than being gentle with yourself and having fun. If any negative ideas come up, just ignore them and come back, we're just patterning in positives. So take it further. How will you be in two years from now, taking action, starting to win more and more? Now that you've gained the skill of being a winner, how will you be in five years? How good can this get for you? Stack positive feeling after positive feeling after positive feeling. And then once you've done that, step five, and this is possibly the most important step because this is where we actually code in the new choice into the subconscious. This is to connect to the feeling of this new choice. Notice in your body right now in this moment, what physical feeling do you have? What emotion is present? So we've gotten into our physicality with our hand, we've imagined it in the past, the present, and the future, and now we're going to bring it all the way back into what does that feel like. Let that saturate. Is it exciting? Does it create some gratitude for you? Gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions. We can't feel fear if we're feeling grateful. We can't feel anxiety or guilt if we're feeling grateful. So manifest gratitude, manifest excitement and happiness. Where do you feel it in your body? Does your chest get warm? Does your stomach feel kind of excited? In this moment, in this process, can you make that even louder? Can you let yourself feel it even more? However, you can connect emotionally in your body with the feeling of this as they come up is fine, all right? Now I have a quick side note. Many of us get disconnected from our emotions. I want you to be able to literally manifest the feeling and allow it to amplify. Get creative in this and just know that you can do a good job at it. Some of us often have times when we've been traumatized in some way or maybe we didn't really grow up in that emotional family, it may be harder to know what you really feel like, all right? "I'm imagining it and I can see it in my head but I don't know what it feels like in the moment," if that's the case for you, I want you to actually manifest them yourself. And the best way to do this is just to state that you already feel it. So say something to yourself like, "I feel so grateful that this is in my life" or "I'm so excited about being a winner." And after you say grateful or excited, you actually look for that feeling again. You say it to yourself so that you can manifest the feeling because you're feeling will follow that kind of statement. Now whatever you can come up with, just do your best on this. And then step six is simple. It's actually just to repeat this process for all of your new choices. Go through each one, hand on heart, state it out loud, remember it in the past, imagine it in the present and the future, and then bring that emotion in for each one, re-patterning in your new choices. Now note, I want to spend extra time on the last one. The last one is your identity. This is your identity level choice. For you, that's going to be the core identity that you want to become. For this one, anchor in all those other choices and successes, anything that you saw that was maybe fleeting, feel free to use them and merge them into this identity. We'll use the example of a successful, happy entrepreneur. See yourself in the past doing things like an entrepreneur did, learning like an entrepreneur, finding people's pain and helping them like an entrepreneur would, accepting money from grandma like an entrepreneur would, from a job like an entrepreneur would, right? Just see it in your mind and anchor it. Then imagine this process going amazingly well. This thing that you're learning right now, see now like an entrepreneur, growing through joining this program, having that be this incredible thing in the timeline of your life. See yourself overcoming all of the, "I'm not there yet," and all the other limits that you may have had before. Let that saturate your brain and see those limits dissolving and just going away. How is your life going to be different? Really live into being a successful entrepreneur starting now. What happens a year out from now? What happens five years out from now? How many people will you help? What happens 20 years out as you build this skill to exchange value for goods and services? You grow as a conscious entrepreneur but it's more than that. What happens is that you master that but you also master the ability to change in general. Suspend a little extra time on this last one. Going through that and then feeling what that feels like in your body, how exciting, how fun, how grateful can you feel about that. Now going forward, you're going to bookend your day with this process. You've had a lifetime of unconscious limits. For just a week, I want you to do these when you wake up, and then again before you go to sleep. If you pattern these before you go to bed, your subconscious will internalize the new ideas in your dreams and in your mind processing them overnight. Waking up and doing them in the morning, it's going to get you set consciously for a really powerful day that way. This may become a practice for you like a gratitude practice or meditation practice. You don't have to stop after seven days and you can always edit your new choices. But for this week, especially I suggest that you play full out. If you can't do all of the process, say some people are around and you don't feel comfortable saying things out loud or if you don't want to put your hand on your heart, that's okay. It's still better to do something. Do them quietly to yourself, but most importantly, feel the emotions of what the new identity is going to feel like, and just try your best. It's going to bring you huge benefits. So that's the identity shifting process. In just a few short lectures, you've learned an incredibly powerful process. You now know that change actually requires a change in your subconscious. You know that we naturally resist change, and that to overcome that resistance, we need to look, challenge, and replace how we think. This will lead to a world-class mindset and incredible new behaviors and new results in your life. Thank you so much for your time and attention in this process. It's been my great pleasure to share it with you. I hope I get to talk with you again really soon. Bye-bye.

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Pattern Your Identity

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