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The Zeitgeist Movement in Taiwan: Around the Island film

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Greetings and peace, everyone. I am a support of The Zeitgeist Movement. The Zeitgeist Movement is a global social movement that surpasses countries, religion, and politics. We focus on solving social problems such as war, poverty, and environmental destruction. The way to achieve this goal is by applying the scientific method to maintaining the sustainability of the Earth. However, now I am not here to promote the movement. Nor am I here to ask you to join the movement. For everyone watching this video, regardless if you have watched the Zeitgeist series documentaries, regardless if you support the movement or not, I believe that caring about and then changing the misfortune and hardship of the world is the responsibility of every human being on Earth. An American scientist, Jacque Fresco, said, in an interview, that, we actually do not have much time left for the world. The extent of damage done to the ocean and the environment is beyond severity. War, economic recession, hunger, poverty, and diseases are spreading all over the world. The Earth's resources, as well as humanity, continue its downfall and become corrupted. Recreation and materialistic entertainment are constantly robbing us of our reason. Throughout history until now, figures such as Ghandi, Martin Luther King, or Rosa Parks, there are a lot of hard-working people all over the world, who devote their lives to fight for equality, justice, and freedom, reminding people that these are not just some slogans, but are real ideals and visions. Therefore, if you cannot see anything, if you know nothing about the disasters and crises that are facing the whole world today, then I would advise you to continue your mediocre way of life. Continue to be a slave to the monetary system. Continue to fill your life with vain entertainment and materialistic junk. But, if you see what I see, if you feel what I feel, if you wish to pursue what I wish to pursue, Then please start your actions to change the world. If you are a student, when you see someone bullied in school, don't be afraid; help him or her. Don't waste the passion you accumulated from reading One Piece (famous Japanese Manga). What this manga tries to teach you is justice. If you are a farmer, start to show love and care for nature by stopping using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. If you like to eat a lot of meat, try eating more vegetables. It's because humans have already wasted a lot of resources to raise a considerable amount of livestock. If you have a beach near your home, spontaneously start to find some friends to help clean up the beach. If you feel resentful at the social news, take action to show your sense of justice, don't just vent the rage out as a topic of discussion. As the news is broadcast, it is immediately forgotten next day. If you feel the apathy and indifference of society, please use action, passion, to warm and help those in need. If you are a supporter of The zeitgeist Movement, don't just sit in front of the computer, become an activist and take it to the streets for promotion. Do just as I did; inform the people around you. Everyone, please believe in your actions. Because happiness will not manifest itself out from nowhere, unless we discover happiness from within ourselves. We need to create true happiness and a world that has equality, justice, and freedom. Therefore, don't sit around doing nothing; don't just believe in these ideas. Ideas have to be followed and carried out by action, only then can the world be changed! The content in the poster:"Beyond hunger, war, and poverty... ...Join us and change the world: The Zeitgeist Movement." CHANGE IS NOW To all ZM supporters of the Taiwan chapter

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Country: Taiwan
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Posted by: cigano on May 12, 2012

An activism initiative from the Zeitgeist Movement chapter of Taiwan.

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