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KosmoShow - 1x03 - Parvana Persiani

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Bucharest, Romania World Blogging Forum 2009 The story of Emin and Adnan begins with this video... Hello, everybody, my name is Jakub Gornicki and I have a pleasure of hosting third episode of KosmoShow Today, we are broadcasting from Bucharest, the capitol of Romania from the event called The World Blogging Forum, first edition And my guest today is.... Are you ok? Parvana: Yes I am :) It's the microphone //repairing the microphone So, continuing this My guest today is... a lovely lady, Parvana Persiani Who comes from Azerbaijan You are not a blogger, yet u are involved in fighting for the freedom of expression when it comes to blogosphere Please tell me how did it start Parvana: It started on July 8th of this Summer When two bloggers from Azerbaijan, Adnan Hajizade and Emin Milli were detained by police were assualted in a cafe and beaten by two sportsmen and then detained by police Jakub: Why were they arrested? Parvana: They were arrested with the charges on hooliganism while being beatne and assaulted they were blamed to be responsible for beating two sportmen, athletic looking men in the cafe while filing complaint it turned out that police released these two sportsmen and arrested two bloggers, Emin Milli and Adnan Hajizade. Jakub: So they where provoked They where provoked but they didn't even got involved in fighting They were beaten simply And that was shortly after they posted satirical video against government Against government action Buying donkeys for very expensive price from Germany They made a satirical video and posted it on Youtube and on other sites Ant shortly after that they were beaten and arrested Jacub: So it was only this one video? Parvana: Actually they... No that was not the only video posted by them. They where covering the main social issues, the main social events Going on in the society, which are not normally covered by tv channels, by lots of newspapers and radiostations. They were kind of new information brokers in the society Which were delivering that information Jakub: For how long they were doing this? Parvana: Well, Adnan Hajizade has a channel on Youtube I think more over than 3 years and Emin MIlli, he's a promoter of social networks Yahoo groups, facebook , twittering. Jakub: In Azerbaijan? Parvana: In Azerbaijan, yes. He's great promoter of them And he's very enthusiastic about it, about its development About its enhansement. He is doing it more than 5 years. Jakub: OK. Parvana: So they are really experienced in delivering messages, in delivering information Jakub: Do you think that there might have been more information besides that donkey video, which has caused the attention of Azeri government? or just was the one video which ... Parvana: I think the main point of their arrest is their general activity. Their general attempt to deliver true and pure information to the society. which is not covered by main tv-channels, delivering this information to the population but this "donkey video" was impact for their arrest. Because this video, it was satirical video

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Duration: 25 minutes and 25 seconds
Country: Romania
Language: English
Producer: Jakub Górnicki
Director: Jakub Górnicki
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Posted by: jakubgornicki on Nov 15, 2009

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