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EqualMoney2010 - Predictions of Economic Change

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Ok, so here we are on this day and we are discussing: the future of mankind - what is to come and why an equal money system is certain and cannot be stopped and that it's foundations will be in place- within the next ten years, and will be this system of support in the world in 20 years time it is simplistic those this is listening to this interview you are the elite of the world you are the minority and you have gained power and control over others- through a system of money utilizing the illusion of free choice, under the banner of democracy the principle of democracy as it exist is the principle of one vote for one man the way that has been utilized to control is to give people "hope" whoever gives the best, message of hope will be the next president or the next leader equal money is not a message of hope it's a message of fact what do you think the messages is going to vote for? worldwide so, I invite you to investigate- the principles of an equal money and labor system because by hook or by crook, that means: you are either going to be there participating in establishing the system which means you join and enjoy the journey of this or you'll be voted out and obviously who's in government does what? makes the rules what rules are we talking about? what type of education is given to children? what type of economic system is used? what type of labor system is used? what type of government is used? what is the morality of the group? what is the- ways the group will apply in keeping good, stable social structures? and obviously with the- a principle that is based on valuing Life equally through an actual system that produce what is says it does - which supports everyone is best of all and obviously those that currently is disempowered- will see it so those that's got "more" than their fair-share obviously will not (laughs) I mean you got more than your fair share - that's unfair that will thus be corrected and again, you will be the minority and your vote under democracy goes according to what the majority decides this is inevitable to happen and understand that Desteni in terms of its existence has been- a process of research we started off with the spiritual because- like all I was also blissfully- meditating myself into an extreme level of fuckness until I started looking at the reality of this blissful existence and noticing a curious thing: if I have a roof over my head and I have some money and I have food then I am blissfully unaware of anybody else's troubles and therefore I will defend my position and I will all kinds of stories to make sure that my position of comfortability and superiority is not touched but what I then noticed is if I then do not "have" these things I am disempowered to the effect that I have virtually no-say in what happens to my reality because I do not have the tools to support myself and I cannot get them unless I adhere to the system that is controlled by those that has more than their fair share so if you are one of those that has got more than your fair share an act of compassion would be to realize that - that is not acceptable and that is required adjustment now in the process of the Desteni discussions we obviously also investigated heaven and part of the Desteni message will be: to prepare you in every way possible if you would dare to hear to prepare you to be effective when you die- in crossing over to a new environment obviously you are currently in an environment which is impulsing you to accept it the way it is

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Posted by: desteniteam1 on Dec 8, 2010


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