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Rep. Dale Folwell: N.C. Needs an Unborn Victims Law

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Blaine: ...How many people do not know that this is not a law. Newscaster: He's talking about an unborn victims bill. Blaine's 22 year old pregnant daughter was killed in Raleigh last June But when her killer is caught, they'll only face charges for Jenna's murder Blaine: Why are we one of only 14 states left in the country that doesn't have this law? They need to look at it, they read it, they need to understand it from a personal perspective Newscaster: Blaine took his message Saturday to the Conservative Leadership Conference in Greensboro He's working with lawmakers to get a bill introduced Rep. Dale Folwell: What we're hoping to do in the short session is to put North Carolina in line with the other 39 states and have an unborn victims bill which punishes people who murder pregnant women in North Carolina Newscaster: Folwell says too many pregnant women in our state have fallen victim to this type of crime, and hopes stiffer penalties could make a difference Rep Folwell: Bad circumstances can result in good legislation. And that's what the unborn victims bill represents. Bad circumstances that we're gonna take and turn into good legislation to protect the two victims that suffer anytime a pregnant woman is killed. Newscaster: And keeping other families from what Blaine and his family have gone through is why he says he's here. Blaine: I mean we had three pregnant women killed in 2007, one including my daughter. That's not getting better, that's getting worse. Until we start making a stance and making these laws tougher, they're just gonna keep doing it. Newscaster: Reporting in Greensboro, Stephanie Stillwell, News 14 Carolina

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Posted by: dalefolwell on Jul 7, 2008

News 14 Carolina's coverage of one father's mission to protect unborn victims of murder.

Rep. Dale Folwell appears with two soundbites, expressing his determination to see an Unborn Victims law passed in North Carolina.

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