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Training Kit on Participatory Spatial Information Management and Communication

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Giacomo, you at CTA are enthusiastic about a new initiative that ... call "participatory mapping." Tell us something about it. Participatory mapping is about facilitating at a community level ... ... the visualization of local knowledge in the form of maps. Fundamentally, it's about enabling ordinary people living in remote areas, ... ... in rural areas, to visualize their territory and to use that ... ... to communicate their knowledge to higher authorities. What difference can that make if they can do the communication? Fundamentally, you empower people who are disempowered, ... ... who have very limited force in communicating. You put them in a position to have peer to peer dialogue with authorities. Maps, as we know, are very powerful means of communication. How many wars have been fought about maps, about lines on maps? So imagine a simple farmer who is illiterate going and sitting in an office of ... ... a local government official and having a flashy map ... ... in front of him that has been produced at village level. His power of communication will be enhanced by that. Finally and briefly, there's only a few of you at CTA ... ... and there are millions of people you want to help with this. How are you going to reach all those people? We are currently working on a project, in collaboration with IFAD ... ...and the Ford Foundation, and we are producing a multimedia training kit which is going... ... to be available to all trainers, all facilitators in the domain of participatory mapping. Giacomo, thank you very much indeed. Thank you. Video produced in the framework of the project: "Support the spread of good practice in generating, ... ... managing, analysing and communicating spatial information"

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Duration: 1 minute and 56 seconds
Country: Netherlands
Language: English
Producer: CTA
Director: Giacomo Rambaldi
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Posted by: giacomo on Feb 23, 2010

Giacomo Rambaldi, Sr. Programme Coordinator at CTA, introduces the Training Kit on Participatory Spatial Information Management and Communication produced by CTA, IFAD and other development partners.

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