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Prayer is a Quality, not an Act. Sadhguru

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Most of us do daily parayanam in our daily lives vishnusahasranamam,rudram chamakam and all it is said that if recited in a proper swara and intonation it amounts to pranayam See, as I already said ,.. the sanskrit language the manthras have certain impact upon you if it is done with that absolute integrity an understanding yes it creates a certain amount of space and certain amount of energy in you it would be improper to call it because pranayam is a process goes much deeper than the chanting of the mantras manthras have a very beneficial impact upon you.. no doubt about that then this it on an update to the state when they say pranayam ,they may be saying because in the brahmin culture pranayam means just nadushudhi yes if you'r e just calling nadishudhi as pranayam.. may be that much impact may happen because of Mantra chanting or doing this pranayam if you're thinking that this is a prayer which is going to be to reach God and things are going to happen to you it's a wrong understanding Prayer is not something that you do.. it's something that you become Prayer it is a quality Prayer is not an act there's a wonderful story once one of the baptist missionaries from the united states went to a remote part of siberia there when he went to the town because he wants to convert the people into these great religion everybody else's opinion and a different understanding there he found the people were all talking about three saints who were living on a little island on a huge lake so he wanted to see who these saints are-and took a boat and a boatman and went there across the lake and reached there then they found that these people are utterly ,uneducated, illiterate shepherds he went and saw these people they looked filthy and somehow these three guys living on an island they looked wild men then he asked okay what is the prayer you do the first one said everyday I pray that all the sheep they must all be well and they must come back home none of these sheep be lost in the cold this is the prayer that I do this ignorant fool! he thinks this is a prayer... then he asked the second man he said about the sheeps health and this and that The third man said about the lice in his hair and the sheep's hair. and how he doesn't want all the sheep not to suffer with the lice and all the lice to come out but he doesn't want the lice to die so he wants the lice to go somewhere else and live well..something ..his prayer ... in local languages so the baptist thought.. this is stupid these people are being considered as the saints I would do one thing-I will baptise you and baptise you into baptism and you learn this and he taught them an elaborate prayer these are very illiterate took three-four days to teach the prayer after that very satisfied with the commission the baptist priest was sailing back then the 3 men came running across the water halfway down the way and they said ,what was the fourth line we don't remember he saw these people running on water and coming then he said,no no I can't teach you any prayer you go back and do your own seems to be working better than mine so it is not the sanskrit language not the lati or greek.. it's just that you become prayerful to become prayerful means means you should not be big becoming prayerful means in India we call it upasana upa asana means the word is very beautiful.. upa means sub asana means seat that is in your life you don't occupied the main seat you occupy the side seat you've occupied a minor seat in your own life somebody else something else is occupied the main seat in your life then you are in upasana it is not the question of greek, latin or sanskrit it is just that you have made yourself very small something else has become big whether this something else is God ,or Guru or husband or wife it doesn't matter you can become prayerful prayer is a quality so what you are talking about mantra is a science science must be handled as science.. properly must be used that way there are certain manthras that need your emotion certain manthras with emotion it will mess up you have to do it like science properly it is like chemistry you've got to do it properly like that only then it works but these days most people don't have that understanding and they are mixing up everything and you don't find any significant difference in the people who are doing it simply because they don't have the necessary vibrance in them they don't have the necessary awareness and understanding in them.. any repitition without the necessary awareness will only bring dullness so you'll find ..... this cannot be generalised again.. unfortunately with lots of people people who believe that they are doing prayers they have become dull.. please see this... because of repition repeating without the necessity of awareness dulls the mind you will see there are all kinds of the idiots in the world but the religious idiots take the cake simply because somehow you become very stupid in the process of becoming religious.. religion means it's the highest intelligence the religion means it is the highest intelligence.. you have the intelligence to go beyond all limitations... that's what it means but today you will find most of the people who call themselves religious are the most stupid people they do the most idiotic things in the World this has happened simply because of that repetition prayer has become a repetition prayer has not become a quality oh

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Posted by: ishafoundation on Jul 11, 2010 Sadhguru explains that prayer is a quality and to become prayerful means to make yourself small. (SaO32)

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