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Burning man - semajno en la dezerto

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Welcome to Black Rock City! Normally, this is a barren desert in Nevada but for one week in August, almost 50,000 people come and set up camp together to create the city for the Burning Man event Like in every city, this one has streets and addresses but residents here have to bring absolutely everything that they need They give away things to help others, since money is not used People here have amazing ideas about the world and I wanted to learn about them! People with diverse interests come here to set up special camps to share their ideas I spent most of the day in different camps and I learned a lot I was staying with 100 others in the Couchsurfing camp My favourite camp was the "Costco soulmate trading outlet" We signed up and after a day we were assigned our soulmates! With their addresses in hand, we went across the desert looking for them and we found them! I didn't find my true soulmate but the search was great and I learned a lot Sometimes it was easy to forget that we were in a desert but nature reminded us often! Because of dust storms, we had to wear masks and goggles and some people would stay in their tents but I really liked exploring during these storms! The best way to get around between camps was on bike since the city was so big! But there are other possibilities At night we wore lights to avoid bumping into eachother The parties lasted all night long every day The name of the event comes from burning a wooden effigy of a man on Saturday For most people this was the best part of the week But I much preferred the Temple burn on the last night During the week, people leave objects that represent parts of their lives that they want to leave behind and they leave notes to loved ones that passed away Emotions that night were incredible We stayed until the entire structure collapsed The environmental philosophy of "Leave no trace" is highly promoted So we brought everything back with us and the desert was restored as if nobody was ever there I discovered a more generous and more playful side of human nature this week I'll take these ideas with me for my whole life!

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Duration: 4 minutes and 26 seconds
Year: 2008
Country: United States
Language: Esperanto
Producer: Benio Levis
Director: Benio Levis
Views: 825
Posted by: irishpolyglot on Dec 4, 2008

Jen mia nekredebla travivaĵo en "Burning Man" ĉijare.
Oni povas rigardi ĝin ankaŭ en la angla, la hispana, la franca, la itala, la portugala kaj la irlanda - aŭ rigardi miajn aliajn filmetojn en esperanto - en mia videoblogo:

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