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Alain Page Lecuyer, AXA - Supplier relationship

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Here at AXA, procurement was, first and foremost, devoted to reducing costs General Management requested that we make more effort. The crisis, however, offered us two exceptional opportunities and helped us change our procurement strategies in the financial world. The first opportunity: we realized that we were not obliged to request further 20% reductions from our suppliers. We all know the damage that can be caused by such a strategy. For over thirty years, during every single crisis, ordering parties have been “jumping on” their suppliers or subcontractors, to request 15 to 20% reductions. We have decided, thanks to the crisis, to tackle other topics and, more specifically, to develop fruitful relationships with our suppliers. This innovative approach is creating a veritable revolution in the financial world. In the financial world, procurement is not as mature as it is in industry, notably in the automotive industry. The crisis has offered us the opportunity to become more mature and to understand that we can make savings without requesting 15 to 20% reductions in prices. The second opportunity: This crisis has been the occasion for procurement to get closer to its internal clients (totalling 135,000). You can just imagine these 135,000 people, who have the impression that they can purchase, just like that, without calling upon procurement services. Literally crippled by the pressure imposed on budgets by General and Financial Management, they suddenly realized that they had a procurement service at their disposal and that it would probably be more than essential to call upon its expertise.

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Posted by: cscideas on Dec 16, 2009

Does the supplier relationship management change with the crisis? Alain Page Lecuyer – Procurement department director of AXA – is answering

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