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Graduation Tutorial

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[Graduation Tutorial] Graduation is finally here. This’ll be one of the most important moments in your life, and you want to look nothing short of spectacular. The gold eye shadow symbolizes victory. So let’s get started. [Sunscreen] If your graduation takes place outdoors, remember to use sunscreen. Sunscreen will keep your face looking younger by reducing fine lines and sun spots. Here, I’m using iQQU sunscreen. It acts like a make-up primer, and it’s water-resistant. [Sweatproof Foundation] Next step is using a sweat-proof foundation. I love Revlon’s Color Stay Active Foundation. It’s formulated to help last longer than a regular foundation. So apply the foundation in thin layers. Always work thinly. It’s better to use less than more. [Light Refracting Concealer] Here, I’m using Yves Saint Laurent’s concealer pen. You can use this to conceal your undereye circles. This will reflect light, making your under-eyes appear brighter. 9 out of 10 people have dark circles, so don’t worry if you have them. You can always reduce and conceal your dark circles. [Loose Powder] Use a loose powder of your choice; and I’m using iQQU’s new red Kabuki brush. It’s finally on sale. This brush is special because it’s not only handmade, but the handle is made out of pure ebony wood. So load up your brush, and powder your face. This will set your make-up, and will prevent smearing and creasing, and keep your foundation and concealer lasting longer. [Redefine your brows] Quickly redefine your brows. Remember to keep them in natural shape. [Eyeshadows] Prime your eyelids before applying your eye shadow. This will help the eye shadows last longer. Using a yellow eye shadow by Ben Nye, apply this on your lids. This will be the undertone for the gold colour. The yellow colour will make the colour gold more vibrant. Using a gold cream eye shadow, layer this over the yellow. The colour gold will match most gown colour, like blue, white, navy, purple and red. Using Lancome’s white eyeliner, apply this along the inner corner of the eyes. You want to bring in more light to the eyes. And don’t forget the brow bone. This will add more depth to the eyes. Using Maybelline’s Colour Sensational Eyeshadow, select the bronze colour, and apply this colour along the outer v. The bronze will make the gold stand out more. See how the gold pops out? Now blend the bronze colour. Give it a smoky effect. You want your eyes to look soft. If you’re allowed to, try wearing different shoe colours. If you’re wearing a white, black, or red gown, try gold shoes, a blue gown, try pink. Play around with different shoe colours because they can make a difference when you’re walking on stage. Select the gold eye shadow. And apply this right on the centre of the lids. Very lightly dust the gold all over your lids. This will make your eyes sparkle. Take the white shimmering eye shadow, and apply this along the inner corner Bring the colour up to add definition. And apply the gold along the lower lashline. Apply the bronze colour along the outer lower lashline. [Black Eyeliner] Now use your favourite black eyeliner. And get close to the lashline as possible. You want your lashes to appear fuller. Black will bring out the intensity of the gold. [stick with the shape of your eyes] [Curl Lashes & Mascara] Curl your lashes using Shu Uemura’s gold lash curler. I recommend using your favourite waterproof mascara. Stick with waterproof because you might cry. [Blush] Apply blush along the cheekbones. [Finish off with a Lipcolor] And finish off with a lip colour of your choice. Now fix your cap. Make sure it fits your hairstyle. And now you’re finished. You’re ready to accept your diploma. Congradulations. Your future is looking as bright as your eyes. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Good luck. Music by Late Night Alumni “Finally Found” Orleya “Yellow” Please Follow Me on Michelle Phan

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