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5 Locuri bantuite

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Creepy music I always found interesting the horror stories with ghosts, curses and demons. And as it is said: there is no smoke without fire. So, if you don't know where to go this holiday, here are 5 places where you should not go: Ancient Ram Inn England It is the most famous haunted house in Great Britain. It was built in 1145 on a pagan cemetery and along time human sacrificies took place here, satanic rituals and mysterious accidents. Nothing out of the ordinary. Many people who slept there, yes, with 120 RON you can sleep there for a night, ran in the middle of the night, claiming that they saw a human silhouette, that appeared next to them. Others, claim even that they were touched or pushed by a mysterious force. And if it was not strange enough, The actual owner of the house, found 2 skeletons of children under the staircase. Aokigara Forest, also called the Suicide Forest A forest, seemingly trivial, at the foot of Fuji mountain, which from unknown reasons, became since the 20th century, a place where very many Japanese took their lives. Annual, about 100 Japanese suicide in this forest. Actually, it became so serious, that the authorities started to seize plancards with messages like: think about your family, do not despair etc. but that does not seem to have effect. The locals are convinced that the forest is haunted, If it is or not, I don't know But the fact that so many people killed themselves there, it is enough for me for staying away from it. The thought that some ancient catacombs where there were burried over 6 million people along time and where during the French revolution, o group of monarchists was massacred, could be haunted, it's not unprecedented. So there is no wonder that plenty of horror stories appeared about these catacombs. However, a part of the catacombs is open for the tourists So if you don't mind beeing in a possibly haunted place, under the ground, in the dark, in a place full of skeletons and where people were massacred, you can buy a ticket with 60 euros. In Mexic there is an island, called the Puppets Island. It's not an amusement park, neither a shop, but a macabre island, full of hanging puppets. Beside this macabre landscape, there are many people who claim that they saw the puppets talking between themselves. And the story how all the puppets came on this island, it's pretty sinistre as well. It's said that a man, Don Julian Santana lived alone on the island and at a certain time, he saw a girl drowning. He tries to save her, but he didn't succeed. Then, he saw a puppet and, believing that it is the girl's puppet, he took it. After this, he started to search for more and more puppets which he hung all over the island. He sold everything he had for buying puppets and he started to complain to some friends from a close city that he started to hear voices from the place where the girl died, voices that called him. In the heart of Ardeal, there is Baciu forest, the most mysterious area from Romania, sort of Romanian Bermuda Triangle. Even though the locals knew for a long time about it, and they stayed away from it like it was a bad place, the forest became famous only in 1968, when the military technician Emil Barnea, with some friends, ignored the locals and entered the forest. About 1 o'clock, Emil was shouted by the group of friends, and he saw a strange object flying over the forest. He managed to take a picture, then the object suddenly disappeared. Also, the forest present magnetic anomalies, infrasound emissions, and the strains and the leaves of the trees from some areas of the forest are dried and burned. The phenomena from the Baciu forest led to the appearance of many urban legends around Cluj, many people visiting the forest with the hope that they will succeed to catch a paranormal phenomen. This was the episod, sort of, if you liked it, don't forget to press: Like Share and subscribe. What? That is how it translates.

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