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Death at a Funeral

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[gospel organ music] Boyd, who is this? (Boyd) You know, I asked myself the same thing when my dad passed. I said, "who is this man". No, who is in this coffin. 'Cause that's not my father. You got Jackie Chan in there! This ain't Burger King. You can't just mess up my order! I can't wait for this day to be over.Mom won't stop cryin'... (mom) This is just so hard. Hey Momma? [momma screaming] My baby! ...Ryan hasn't helped out... (Ryan) So you come to a lot of funerals? (Aaron) Come on. She's like in the 12th grade. (Ryan) Well she may be in 12th grade, but that ass is in grad school. (Aaron) I need you to pick up Uncle Russell. We gonna be late! Fatty. Ow! Damn it, Uncle Russell, I love you, but you're going to be in a box next. My heart's racing. Here, try this. Are you sure? What's wrong with Oscar? [Oscar screaming maniacally] I gave him one of your valiums. So, here's the thing. What you thought was valium, was actually a hallucinagenic. Hello. Yikes! What side of the family is he on? You still think about me, don't you? I was drunk. You could have been a donkey for all I knew. Thank you. It's not a compliment Derek. (Uncle Russell) Come on, get me in here. I got you! What are you doing in here? Ah, love these padded seats. [flatulent noises] Ah! No! Stop, man, stop! And now we'll hear a word from Edward's son, Aaron. The coffin just moved. Shhh. The coffin is moving. There'ls somebody struggling to get out! Let's just bury him and get it over with. That was heavy duty, the way your father fell out of his coffin like a dead fish, He was like, Blam!. I was like, Damn!. ♪ Hold on, I'm coming ♪ So sorry to hear about your dad. Where you guys friends? Something like that. Are you telling me our father was on the downlow? Way down. And now the guy wants $30000, or he's going to start showing pictures of them doing stuff. Now, I don' believe dat. Ohhhh! Daddy. Let me get this straight, our father was bro-mantically involved - with a guy that could fit in his pocket. And you're mad because he's white? ♪ Hold on ♪ [Captions by]

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Death at a Funeral Captioned Trailer

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