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Interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 8)

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He said: "Why not?" I said: "Because that's what men did to Christ, it has nothing to do with Christ teachings." He says: "I don't understand that." So, I said: "If your brother were... accused of a terrible crime and he was hung... Ten years later, you found your brother was honest are you going to have your brother hanging from a nose around your neck? I said: "That's what men did to Christ, it has nothing to do with the teachings of Christ. They used to crucified thousands of people before Christ, the same way, so... If your brother got the electric chair, you gonna wear a little electric chair around your neck with your brother sitting on it? That's have this, of Christ crucified up there. Anyway, there's so much... The priests said: "You confuse me." I said: "I'll confuse you more if you listen to me." I said: "Do you understand your Bible?" They don't understand the Bible. Even the priests are confused. So, I said: "God loves everybody, is that right?" He says: "Yes." "God knows everything, is that right?" They said: "Yes." "God knows every galaxy out there, every bug, every flower." That's what they taught me. He knows everything. So, I said: "Why did Jesus insult God?" The Priests said: "I don't remember of Jesus insulting God." "Well, just before they crucified Jesus, he looked up and said: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." So, God..." "Gee, I didn't know that." Who the hell are you, like our presidents: "God bless America?" Who the hell are you to tell God who to bless? Don't you see that? So false... But you have to talk to people. If they can't see that use some of the other stuff. If they can't see that, get off. - Exactly. - When I meet a stranger and I don't know at all... I say: "Who do you admire more than anyone in the world?" Then the guy says: "One punch per law." Knock the guy out. One punch. That's a twenty year project, get off. If that's the greatest man to that person, get off. So, don't waste your time... You can't communicate with anybody. We talk at each other, a proof that we talk at each other, rather than to one another, 'cause our language was designed hundreds of years ago. That's why we say to people: "Have a nice weekend." We should say: "Have a nice life." Why just the weekend? Do you understand what I mean? Our language is old, you can't really communicate, but I say that we have to develop a language that's not subject to interpretation. If you don't understand what that means, discuss it in meetings. "What did he mean by that?" And get each guy to tell you what he thinks it meant. And clean it out. Clean out the garbage. I call it a "cerebral enema". You know what that means? Enema? They set a tube up your ass and wash the shit out. Well, that's for the brain. But the brain is that full of shit, too. And then there's another word, that's a bullshit word. It's called love. I just wanna warn you about it. None of you like everything you ever done on life, is that right? When you look back, you say: "What a stupid thing I did." So, sometimes you like yourself, sometimes less, sometimes not at all. So, if you get married, sometimes you love your wife very much, sometimes a little less, sometimes "How did I ever get into this?" So, love is fluctuating, it's not fixed. You understand that? You have to educate people to those things. They get confused. I thought I loved my wife, I don't want to get a divorce. The average marriage in America is good for five years... It's getting shorter and shorter... The Venus Project comes in, the divorce rate go way up fast. Not because of The Venus Project... Because people are trapped. Get married, the wife's got three kids, she leaves, how are you gonna support the kid, so they live together in hatred, you know what I mean? Once The Venus Project frees people financially, of debt and everything else... The divorce raises up. It's not The Venus Project that makes divorce. It's the freedom. Now, you don't need to go into all this, but I'm just giving you a rough picture of the future. - We appreciate. - The values have changed... - I'd like to ask you... I just wanna tell you how you pick your house... - Wait a second, there was a question. He didn't hear you. - Yeah, ok. I wanted to ask you one thing, I think it's more on the personal level, but you talk about that the environment... There's a lot of to... the perspective of a person and everything and being yourself educated in an American environment and everything... How did you manage to get your perspective today? What made you change and... - One of the major changes in my life is my grandfather. He is the guy that said: "Jacque, people came from all over the world, that made America." Not... It isn't America that does everything... And French man Louis Pasteur, ... the Arab Al-Khwarizmi gave us algebra and without that we couldn't build anything, so we got... He said: "If you love people pledge allegiance to the Earth and everyone on it. But when you pleasure allegiance to one country, you're negating everybody else. So, my grandfather made it impossible for me to pledge allegiance to the flag. In America, every kid in school says: "I pledge allegiance to the United States of America." I refuse, due to my grandfather. The teacher grabbed me by the ear right to the principal's office. He doesn't want to pledge allegiance to the flag. So the teacher... The principal said to the teacher: "Your excused." Once she left, he put his arm around me, he said: "Everybody pledges allegiance to the flag. Why don't you want to?" I said: Everybody once believed the Earth was flat, that doesn't make it flat. That doesn't make it flat. So, he said: "What do you think of American history?" I said: "Strictly B.S.", I said. "Bad Science." So, he said... Bullshit is what I meant... - Yeah, yeah. - So, he said: "What's the matter with it?" I said: "Everybody in the history book always says the right thing, they never make mistakes, so they're unreal people." So, he says to me: "What do you think about our education?" "Terrible" I said. He says: "What's the matter with it?" I said: "Teacher uses words like "That's wrong" when you don't spell right... "That's wrong." Those words: "That's wrong." tells you nothing. Think about it. "That's not what I told you." that doesn't tell you anything. - Don't solve the problem. - Teachers shows you, what to do. They don't use right or wrong. Those words were invented thousand of years ago. They don't serve. They also use words like... Somebody is "intelligent". An intelligent electrical engineer of seventy five years ago, couldn't get a job today. So, what the hell does that word mean? You're always learning new things, there's no such thing as "intelligent". There are people that have better solutions to problems, never final. You can't design the best laptop. You only design the best laptop you know of, up to now, with what you know. But there's no limit to where it goes, you think you understand that? No final frontiers, no best airplanes, ever. So, that principle roped out the back of the class and he went to Macy's which is a big department store and bookstore and brought Jacque what he wanted to read and asked Jacque to report to him, once a week, telling what he was reading. And he did that. But all the other kids beat him up 'cause they were jealous, you know? He didn't hurt them But... when the principal left after a year and an half, I think he died. - He died. - Yeah. Then, they took away the rope and Jacque left school when he was very young. So, he didn't grow up in school, otherwise he would go to college, otherwise he would... end up producing the same things as everybody else did. - So, I was raised in a different environment. - Yeah. And he went through the Great Depression, too, which start him looking around, you know? I don't know if you know the story, when he went to the Great Depression and fifty million people were out of work in New York, where he grew up. - You know that... And then, there was still things in department windows and automobiles and there was arable land but people didn't have the money in their pockets to buy anything, 'cause the banks closed. So, he though it was the rules of the game that we play by, way back then that... needed to be changed, so that started him on that direction. You probably didn't know this, but I went to communist meetings, socialist meetings, nazi meetings, all of that during the depression. All kinds of people taught about everything. And so, I found myself standing in front of a communist in the park and he said: "Beat it, sonny." I said: "No." He said: "What do you want?" I said: "I wanna hear from a communist, what communism is." He said: "Why?" "'Cause I don't believe what the republicans say about the democrats, what the democrats say about the republicans, I wanna hear from you." I stayed there one hour. I said: "I wanna ask you a thousand questions." He says: "You have to go to Young Communist League." I said: "Where are they?" He gave me an address. I went in and I listened to them for about an hour, and I said: "How are you gonna prevent corruption on the communism... since you use money?" They said: "Well, we're not corrupt." I said: "I don't doubt, you guys are ok."

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Interview with Jacque Fresco and Roxanne Meadows (Part 8)

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