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In a previous video, we've been talking about Neuroplasticity and Memory Formation, and why often when we experience new information that could be useful for us in our work or life we often think it's interesting but then we don't necessarily go back to our life and work to apply it and therefore it doesn't actually embed. And so, today I just wanted to talk a bit about the obstacles that get in our way of actually taking that information and using it. Just in case you have not seen any of these videos before, my name is Celine Mullins, I am the founder of Adaptas Training, we work with organisations and individuals internationally and in Ireland and we have been doing that for the last 10 or 11 years. We have recently published a series of books called Maxamising Brain Potential series and Our Learning Brain is the first book from this series and some of the topics I am talking about are from that first book. So, as I said, I really want to talk today about obstacles because, I know myself, I go to some sort of conference, or I go to a course to learn something new, I listen to a podcast, I read a book, I'm really inspired, I think that information is brilliant, I can bring that into this that and the other and I can change how I'm operating in certain ways, but the thing is we go back to our day-to-day life. Firstly, we are all so busy and there are so many things to get done everyday. There are so many obstacles in the way of us taking that information and applying it and embedding it. So I want you to think about anything that you have learned maybe recently, you've been to an event, maybe you have read a book and you thought there way useful information there but there's obstacles that got in your way. Now the thing is, there are the obstacles that are really obvious, the things like....maybe you have been having a croissant every morning for your 11's with your coffee and you're thinking, okay, I want to start eating healthier, I want to cut out the pastries and the croissants and then it comes to Monday morning and 11's comes up and you know, you are just in the habit of going to get that croissant and you just think ...just one more day, and it's Monday and I didn't get to relax over the weekend and I just need that one croissant and tomorrow I'll get rid of them out of my life... But those obstacles keep coming up. We keep telling ourselves rational lies. Or for example, I hear this all the time, where somebody has gone to a training in how to manage other people better how to, say, have better performance management conversations and go back to work and tell them selves, well sure you know what, it's worked up to this and the team seem happy, so there's no point in changing how I do things. So, being conscious of the obstacles that are going to come up, before we go back into that situation, is really important because we need to help our brain not go into what I call The Self Protection Mode. We all tell ourselves rational lies as to why we are better off doing things as we have always done them, because, you know, it's fine, it worked out! Our brain subconscious operating system runs automatically and it focuses on retaining energy and protecting us from any discomfort. It doesn't like change. So, our brain tells us that change is harmful, that it's not going to be good for us. It wants to keep a certain level of homeostasis. And so, what I am saying is that the obstacles are sometimes happening consciously, 'Oh you know, I'll have that croissant again because it's Monday morning' and the obstacles are happening subconsciously, where we don't even know they are happening because our brain is going into that Self Protection Mode where it wants to keep us doing things as we have always done them because that will keep us safe. Our brain and our body just want to keep us safe. That's how we are even here, we have evolved to be at this point. You and I were all alive because our ancestors kept themselves safe and our brain and body just wants to keep us safe, to keep us going. So, if we can get clear of our obstacles, the conscious ones and the unconscious ones. The unconscious ones could be things like, fear of the unknown, fear of failure, and sometimes these are, we are very conscious of these things, you know, 'I don't want to do this the wrong way' but sometimes these are happening unconsciously and we tell ourselves rational lies to stop us from doing things the new way. So, think about yourself, over the next few days, what things might be getting in your way, what obstacles are there, at least consciously, that are stopping you from doing things differently, based on the information you have learned, through the books you've been reading, the podcast you listening to, the training event, the conference event that you've been to. ...and we will talk more about this soon. Bye for now.

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