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Human's Water Extension (Diego Almeida)

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We're tired of hearding how much the water is important An average person can survive 30 days without food But without water the person would die in approx. 3 days The problem is that our world would never work without water Because we're dependable on it to survive, to obtain food, to our hygiene And specially here in Brazil, to generate most part of our energy And even living in a country that concentrates most of the drinkable water in the world and paying a low price for it, I try to save it. Our body is consisted of 70% of water and if we lose a little of it we can even die. So, our body is like an extension of the water We belong to water and water belong to us Just like our planet we got 3/4 of water, and without them life would be impossible Polute and waste water would be like hurt and put away parts of our body Besides it's essencial function, water has its social function since we depend on it in our hygiene, and with it we can avoid diseases and be able to live in society So, as being part of us, water must be guaranteed to every human being Because if we don't have it, it would be like a part of us was missing Therefore, a bigger awareness about the smart use and reuse of it is needed. and cheap means to do those things too so that underdeveloped countries can join in the water conservation Because if we not save it now, we will be able to see in the future a Third World War happen where the disputes will be arround the water and the rise of its prices, since the supply and demand law will be in action and only rich people will be able to have water.

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Producer: Diego Almeida
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Posted by: onetakecontest on Jun 25, 2009

Human's Water Extension (Diego Almeida) One Take Submission

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