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2012 Solve the Global Energy Crisis

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2012 solve the global energy crisis why 2012 solve the global energy crisis? it's because by the end of 2012 many of the conspiracy theories will be "proven" bullshit obviously new ones will be invented depending on who wants to make what kind of money and who has got what kind of mental disorder and sufficient preprogrammed followers that will endure, the mind bullshit anyway here we go with the practical implementation phase and how it will work of the equal labor equal money system why equal- money itself will solve the global energy crisis? the way the equal money system will work in terms of- the functionary of production of goods, food, and everything related to that which you currently work for and can only buy according to your financial status in the system is as follows: there will be a four year phase after your initial education a child will go through an initial education which is a minimum requirement or standard for equality so one is a functional human being that understands yourself how you function, how the world function, how nature function and the how- the system of the world function and how equality function you will understand all those basic things how to "live" a happy and fulfilled Life will be the purpose of education and you will be prepared for that then you will enter- the phase where you do your part of giving your contribution which will be at this stage approximately 4 years of your Life that you will enter into labor you will be focused and you will be working to produce food- to- for humans animals and plants and to produce "goods" for general living, comfort, employment- our comfort entertainment, you know that means computers, beds, music you will produce all the goods the reason being that we will not enter utopia we will be utopia, meaning: everyone will get everything, everyone will get a car everyone will get television DVD player everything will be made to last so a car will last you for a Life time your television will last you for a Life time, your- your deep-freeze will last you for a Life time, your computer will last you for a Life time which means- pollution will drop! exponentially! because 95% of the factories, and industrial ships that exist today will not exist with only 5%- of the current industrial complexes of the world everyone in the world can be supplied with all basic needs which will reduce pollution- with 95% effectively in the world and it will reduce! energy use- with 95% effectively which will reduce the pressure on the rain forest which will reduce the pressure on the animal kingdom, which will reduce- the impact of the human race on the planet earth! with 95% now what is interesting is obviously that energy consumption, food production- all of those points because there is no competition - fighting for profit and greed and it is done efficiently so that there is sufficient for everyone there will- be a substantial drop in required labor so suddenly we will be in utopia because you don't have to work because very few people can supply the goods for "many people" current system you try and give people work! so they can survive in the system and then they've gotta buy all the shit and you destroy the earth! at an ever increasing rate that will stop with an equal money system if you are really! an activist that wants to bring about a green earth, a better world you will- absolutely embrace equal money because you will say: Wow! Why didn't I think about it!? I say the same: Why didn't you think about it? why are you now jealous that you didn't do it and now you've become nasty and jealous because you didn't get the fucking answer well I got the fucking answer so stop your fucking jealousy and let's get this over with and there's unfortunately a lot of jealous people out there and people that fear lose imagine you are not in the good position you think you are because in an equal money system your position will be substantially better than any economic position you have currently only the super rich! are in a better position than what the equal money will produce purely! because they can drive around in maserati's and all kinds of fucking cars that we are not going to produce! because it's absolute bull shit it is not a nice car it is a death bed it "kills" people you can go do the research if you're out there just because you have money so you have the right to go out there kill! animals, kill humans by driving fast shit like that having no control many many people too many die that way obviously there will be equal health care but because there is no more stress about money people will not die so quickly they'll live longer and they will be healthier equal money will make you healthy equal money will make you wealthy! equal money will fulfill your dreams! equal money will help you to focus on those things that's important for you! which is friendships, family, animals nature and entertainment and if you really want to work, you can do research in some fields to see how we can assist and get to know the animals and nature better because at the moment we know very little about them because we've taken their domain and we made it a money system within that you have to realize and show, alright- if you go and sit down and you breathe for a week and observe the way the world work you will notice that every single thing that happens and every decision you've ever made and every decision that you are going to make is dependent on money so currently you are a complete slave absolutely brain washed to such an extent! that you cannot even see the extent of- the role that money plays in your reality and therefore indirectly the "current" economic system equal money- will change that from the perspective that money will still play a role but not in terms- of making you a slave in terms of setting you free! there will be only one consequence if you abuse- other human beings or therefore you act in a criminal way because when you abuse another human being murder, rape I mean there is no point to steal anything because everybody's stuff is gonna be like the same so you can't "steal" it if it breaks you just get another one this equal money is magnificent you don't, I mean- your stuff work 100% to your satisfaction, at all times so you don't have a reason, to have a- a "fit", or scream at the local store because you are not happy with the shit you bought and it lasted only 12 months I mean all of that is gone! so you are like extremely healthy because there is no stress but! if you abuse you lose all your benefits of the equal money system and you go into rehab and your only possible reward in an equal money system is that you can get your equality status back and there is no other- there is no reward system but that! in the total equal money system if you abuse you are going into a rehab you are removed from the equality society to where you go into restitution, and you can only- point of reward in the total system is that you can be awarded back to your status within equality therefore there will be no reward system you don't need to do work for anything because everything is provided because we have the technology to actually make things to last- longer than your Life already it was just not- made available because people actually believe that the current system was the only thing that can possibly exist! absolute brainwashing! everybody that is protecting the current world system are phonetically brainwashed you're a fanantic there is a serious problem in your reasoning ability now what is fascinating is that the equality equation will prove that the current world system is a complete- disaster as things will accumulate and compound and you will see in every newspaper around the world as: the systems collapse and what they will be doing to try to keep it ok is they will print more money but the money is anyway not real, it was never real so it allows the illusion that- we are all surviving which is not true Your daily individual Lives is going to compound into total hell! until you realize: you need - Equality an equal money system and you break the hypnotic control that money has got over you and embrace the fact- that it is within "you" as your part as your power to give to give to such an extent that- you are going to receive equally and therefore you make the message of Jesus "real" and give to your neighbours that what you would like to receive and within that you will be able to explore what love really is and you will be able to realize- that every human being is actually a clone of each other we are all the same you say- no we're not! oh yes we are all the same we just never really communicate so therefore, you never really talk to anybody- for real because you always trying to get the winning position - to get some money to get- to be famous to be better you're always judging but- remember: Judge not lest you be judged so equal money - there is no judgment system you judge yourself the moment you abuse equality and then you are placed into a position where you have to be- rehabilitated because obviously you have "lost" your balance and equilibrium and therefore are a danger to our society and you lose your benefits because you are no longer equal until you've restored your equality and then you get it back really! simplistic so there you have it how to solve the global energy crisis now, you can send desteni- the nobel prize for genius because we are beyond genius and if you start studying what we are saying, you'll say: we have covered every single base yes, this is not arrogant it's a fucking fact you know arrogance would be to not have the actual practical solution to the world's problems we have the actual practical solution to the fucking world's problems it's really simple the only reason you can't see it is because you are controlled and brainwashed by money! ha ha ha ha so now I have to scare you fucking out of your- fuckness so you can see what is the solution and that this'll bring the end of- all ways of attempting to create new conspiracy theories because all of it is bullshit and everybody can now go and spend some proper time with their family so that the next generation can be people that can be trusted and they are fucked by parents living in some irrational reality trying to survive: taking dope, drinking alcohol and fucking the neighour's wife so! get your ass in gear get to equality equal money because you have no fucking option when the poor of the world get this system in their nose they are going to kick your ass and you'll be out, and unless you are equal, you will be in rehab ha ha ha ha ha- now that's Father Christmas giving a little ckuckle that's happy Christmas, because equality is here we have packaged you in a little sock a red sock we have packaged you the solution to- the global energy crisis - how to stop all abuse! on earth join us and sorry there is no leader, so you don't have to follow me you have to walk "next" to me if you go in front of me I will kick you under the ass if you behind me I will fart and you won't be able to stand it so walk next to me

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