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How Does A Seed Become A Plant

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Okay guys! Squeaks and I are checking out our plant and they look great! Its almost hard to believe that these beautiful flowers and plants came from the tini-tiny seeds we put in the pots just a few weeks ago. You might be familiar with the little pack of the seeds that you use to grow flowers or vegetables in your garden, or may be the sunflower seeds that you find in your snack mix, but did you know that popcorn kernels, beans, peas, acorns and rice are also seeds. Well one of our friend 5 year old Dimitri wrote in to ask us How does a seed grow into a plant? Thanks for asking Dimitri. First of all seeds come in lots of different shapes and sizes but they are all made of three parts. An outer shell called the seed coat, a tiny baby plant that's inside the seed called the embryo and some plant food for the embryo called endosperm. The seed coat has an important job it covers the entire seed protecting the little baby plant inside and keeping it from drying out. The seed coat also has super sensing powers It has special chemicals in it that can tell when the seed is in the right place to start growing. For example the sunflower seeds and the pumpkin seeds and you trail mix since, that is not safe to grow after all seeds cant grow when they're surrounded by raisins and chocolate chips. So when the seeds are in a bag or in your hand its like they're asleep. The seeds are still alive but they're dormant or inactive some seeds can stay like this for hundreds or even thousands of years Quick question Squeaks to get started. Every seed needs water, the right temperature and a right amount of light. Once the seed has these 3 things, like one is planted in some nice wet soil the embryo or baby plant gives a signal to start growing. For plants this growing process is called germination. First the seed coat lets some water to through to the embryo but the embryo needs more than just water if it's going to grow Good thing there's a whole bunch of plant food right there inside the seed. Until the plant can make its own food from sunlight which it will need leaves to do, it relies on edosperm for energy. It's like the little baby plant has its own bag pack of snacks. So the embryo keeps growing and taking in more water until the seed coat cracks open and embryo kicks out kind of a foot but at all like my foot The 1st part of the plant to come out of the seed is the root. The root always grows downwards no matter what way the seed is planted. A seed can actually tell which way is up and which way is down. So the root pushes down deeper deeper into the soil looking for more water and minerals to feed the baby plant. Once the plant is all grown up those deep roots will have another job. They'll help keep the plant from falling over or blowing away in the wind, but soon after the 1st baby root finds its way into the dirt another part of the seed pops out, this time in the opposite direction. A shoot which has the stem of the plant and a few leaves pushes its way up towards the sunlight Once the shoot breaks through the soil to the open air above, we say that its sprouted. Now the plant doesn't need endosperm anymore because it can make its own food from sunlight. With enough water and sunlight and right tempreture the young plant will continue to grow getting bigger and growing more leaves until its an adult plant and it can produce seeds of its own.

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How Does A Seed Become A Plant

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