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Who is ICANN? - Mistura Aruna | 27 May 11

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My name is Aruna Mistura and I'm from Nigeria, West Africa. I'm from a state in Nigeria called Oyo state and I work in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. I work with the Nigerian Communications Commission and what we do, basically, is to issue out licences to the service providers to provide different categories of services.

This is one of the most exciting times of the week at ICANN. This is when the Board assembles and gets ready to listen to the community.

Sometime last year, my colleague in the office talked to me about ICANN. I went to the Web site, I saw the Fellowship Program, I applied for it and I was among the lucky ones that attended the Cartagena meeting, where I became a fellow. There I learnt a lot. The first two days when I came I was lost. But after two days I started picking up, you understand? I learnt a lot of things, I attended a GAC meeting, even though most of the meetings were closed.

I would like to start by saying on behalf of the Swedish government that we support the ICANN model.

When I got back home, like I wrote in my posts I submitted to ICANN, I couldn't implement all the knowledge I got from here, so I used a leverage of my institution because I couldn't do it alone. I wrote a memo, you understand? An internal memo to my Commission telling them all I learnt, you understand? I explained everything about the DNSSEC, because Internet spam is a major issue. And a lot of people, even at Cartagena, when I told somebody I'm from Nigeria, I was like “What do you think of, ... Nigeria think of Internet scam?” ... that we are not such, I discussed, I told them about the DNSSEC, Domain Name System Security, how it works, you understand? Then the At-Large community, because we have passion for the consumers. So, it’s all about the Internet users, and I’m proud to tell you the Commission actually sponsored about seven of us here, for the San Francisco meeting, including me. So I think it’s a very good one. ICANN is doing a very good job.

I’ve never been to America before, this is my first time. The people here are warmly. ICANN did everything possible to assist us and locating our ..., sending me emails to tell me about the weather, where and where to go, the hotels close to the venue. So it’s been very great, it’s been very great.

Next slide please. This is my last section of the presentation...

Basically, right now everybody is going to go around different communities, so when we finish we all sit together and everybody will share ideas. Definitely from then we’ll be able to make recommendation on what and what we want to do, then when we get back when we implement. But for me, and for others too, I’m sure, we want African voice to be heard. We want to be highly represented in ICANN, you understand? Even when we get back home. Like I wrote in my last report, there should be, we should organize a stakeholder’s forum among the service providers and the regulator, you understand? So that we can let them know about ICANN. I know some of them know about it and there is a Nigeria version of ICANN. We have the NiRA, Nigeria Internet Registration Association. I saw their members there yesterday, so I’m sure, by the time we all collaborate together, we come up with a great thing and our voice will be heard in ICANN, because Nigeria is the most populous country in West Africa. So we need our voice to be heard.

Thank you all very much for coming to San Francisco! The city of love! And I know you are going to love what the Board does here in San Francisco. Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for what you're doing. Enjoy your night. Good evening.

I really encourage people, because even back home I’ve started encouraging my colleagues to please go online, apply for the Fellowship Program, because for me it was an eye-opener. The cross-border interaction, meeting people, new cultures, listening to things that you would never believe you could, you understand? Stumble on. Like father of Internet. We had the opportunity of meeting him on Monday. Then Ira Magaziner, then on Wednesday was a bomb when President Clinton came in here.

Thank you very much.

Everything for me turned out to be a digital big experience, you understand? Because technology is growing fast and you have to push yourself, you understand? You have to really strive hard to follow it so that you won’t be lost out when you get outside your own country.

Thank you mister Chairman. I'm ... and i'm here to speak on behalf of the Chinese community.

When I came in as a fellow, the ... anxiety in me. I had to read everything about ICANN, I had to really commit myself. I had to pay attention to a lot of things. I get lost in the middle, then I pick up again, but now as an alumni, I think it's a very large extent, I could cope. I didn't have to run after anybody. All I do is get to the web site, look down what I need, then get the answers to my ... it's, I don't know. That's what different experience is. The first one, the anxiety of coming. But now I think I have good knowledge of nearly all the communities here.

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Who is ICANN? - Mistura Aruna | 27 May 11

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