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The highest paid female politician in the world

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The highest paid female politician in the world. Nice work if you can get it. Baroness Asthon, please allow me to speak frankly as one Lancastrian to another, because this just isn't going very well, is it? It really isn't. You know, earlier on you said that Europe needs a credible foreign policy. How can we have a credible foreign policy when it has an incredible High Representative? You seem as if you're stumbling from one crisis to another. So much so that the British Foreign Secretary had to write you a letter this week asking you to buck up, to get on your game. But we in UKIP were on to this from the start. We opposed your appointment because we said that you would be clearly out of your depth – and we are being proved right. It was said that your appointment, made by the Commission, would stop the traffic in Tokyo and Washington. But you haven't even been able to appoint the Ambassador to Washington because old Barroso did you up like a kipper! It's also claimed in the British press that you don't turn your phone on after 8 p.m. at night. But, Baroness Ashton, you're the highest-paid female politician in the world. You're paid more than Frau Merkel, you're paid more than Hillary Clinton: it's a 24-hour job. Now to top it all off, yesterday it was reported ...let me finish, please... yesterday it was reported that you're being provided with a Learjet. 300 000 miles per year you are expected to do. That would get you to the moon, and most people now would like you to stay there. If you no longer want to fund Cathy vote UKIP

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Country: France
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Posted by: mmister on Mar 14, 2010

Baroness Cathy Ashton is paid more than Hillary Clinton

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