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Seunghwan Seo - Seoul, Korea - Korean (Global Lives Project, 2013) 21:00:00 - 21:29:59

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They only had until 13 and I did until the number 13 line. ah and that's why also at first that apartment was at that side ah yeah yeah yeah that's different the apartment and the multi-purpose building split... -- ah yeah yeah yeah and there... I was like -- did you have a hard time? I think it took like... 30 minutes or so. -- Was it like 5000 won? The call fee? That... I think it was around that much. I think it's -- I think I've been there from the editing room. I think I've been there from the CIC or something. Do you go to places like that? I've been there from the submarine or some place like that. I think he saw that -- so he knew us and called. Was it food? Today? -- No. Oh what was it? What was it...? The assistant manager was very curious about you, Jaehyun. Who? -- The assistant manager! Assistant Manager Lee. Just tell him to keep being curious. OK now this was filmed so... But he probably won't...probably can't see you. Don't worry. If he can... you know, right? Only your arm will be in it. Can you use a smartphone now? Sometimes it's annoying... Annoying? Do you still only have 2 phone numbers? Jaehyun, I'm number 1, right? No you're not. -- Why? Just because if you... if you want to use the speed dial you need to press the keypad too anyway. It's just like using the keypad anyway... I guess. And my number... my number comes up if you press 3 three or four times anyway. Me. Right? Right? Yeah your phone number's easy. Right? It's really easy, right? You really did well together, Jaehyun. Today too. Ah, wasn't it hot today? When is your off day again, Jaehyun? Tuesday? Tuesday. -- Isn't that when it's supposed to rain a lot? Yeah it's when it's supposed to rain. You're taking your break when the rainy season starts. Right? But don't be too happy. It's not raining just that day. I think it's going to rain for almost the whole week. At least the raincoat is new. -- Well when I work, other people use it. Rain for a week -- a week is short. I'm fine as long as I don't see that. -- It's fine. It's fine. It's fine. Jaehyun, you have English-phobia, right? -- What? -- You have Englihs-phobia, right? There are so many foreigners around us right now. Do you want a hug? A big one? Do you want a big hug from me? Why not? No I don't want to. -- Ah I... Aren't you being too aware of the camera? When you usually just do it? Wow you're being so mean. Wow how could a person... Be so different. Why would I hug you without a reason? You used to bow to me at a 90 degree angle and stuff without a reason. I think the amount is shrinking. -- Right? Do you like this? Ah... this. I thought it'd be really good since it's my first time eating it in a while but it's not that great. Let's go into the office. After a smoke. And smoke over there. Because the people who work there can't go in. hahaha you know, right? Jaehyun, why are you being like this? Jaehyun, why are you being like this?! Don't worry about the camera. Why are you being like this? Where are you going? Where are you going? I'm going to look at my phone. -- What are those headphones? I got the headphones refunded. -- What are those? Those? What? What are those? Did you borrow them? -- No, no. Are they good? You did a good job today, Oonghyun. You reached over 200,000 won. Jisoo, how much did you reach? -- Around 174,000 won. You got over 200,000 won? 170,000? You didn't even reach 200,000 won? -- I got 120,000 won. It's because I went to rent. -- 120,000 won? Dude 170,000 won. 200,000 won. 120,000 won? The youngest one? You should be getting over 200,000 now. Your elders can't even come back in and you were keep on going back inside and taking breas, right? If you didn't, how does 200,000 won, 170,000 won, and 120,000 won make sense? -- Ah it's because I went to rent. Does it make sense? -- I'm getting in trouble on a foreign program... You want to get down on your knees? Dude look. He's done so much work. You really did great. It's over. It feels like the end. Now that we're outside. You've... You've finished. But you. Don't go back in until you reach 200,000 won. What? -- Finish everything by myself -- Yeah. Alone. Go back in. You must be tired. Ah you got so tanned. So tanned. I need to buy another pair of gloves. -- Right? You didn't get tanned here, right? -- Yeah -- Right? Just not here. You just got tanned past this line? This... this is honestly pretty bad, right? It's because you wear long sleeves even when it's hot. No actually if I had worn short sleeves it might have been better. The color is really really different. I can't even see him anymore. What are we going to do? Go back in safely. Ah maybe I was holding him back when he needed to leave. Why aren't you inside? Me? I wanted to see you leave before I went back. Oh~ you went to say goodbye? Then why are you sitting down so rudely? You're sitting down rudely when your elder is leaving? Jinsoo, did you buy shoes? -- Me? -- Yeah. Couple? -- No. -- Looks like you're part of a couple. Aren't you? It's for when it rains. -- You're wearing aqua shoes too? Those? I'm wearing sneakers. Aqua shoes... why are our company people like this? I'm going to leave now. -- Ok you did well today. Goodbye. Bro, the people at our company are kind of weird. -- Why? He bought those calling them aqua shoes but they have holes in them. -- They're sneakers. Look at the bottom -- Not the bottom, I mean. The top has holes in them. If there are holes at the top, where will the water go? Ah so when it rains the water goes in and doesn't come out. And he calls them aquashoes. When you came here earlier I thought you were a stranger with a girlfriend. What? -- He thought you were a stranger with a girlfriend. Ah~ So you were trying to be rude because I'm a stranger. Being like "what are you staring at?" Jaehyun? What's with the towel? What's with the towel? I'm going to go wash. It doesn't it even show. Ah because it's hot and I'm sweating. Ah~ so you brought a towel? -- I always bring a towel Ah so you wash every day? -- I wash every day. Really? Why doesn't it show? What is this? Eulji hospital? Eulji hospital. Isn't it here? Eulji intersection? Eulji intersection. In front of the hi-mart. Yeah CIC. Yeah there. Huh? Remember when I said my aunt -- my aunt's daughter got a surgery for her cecum? Apparently she's at the Eulgi hospital? -- Really? That's close. It's good for going to visit her. Oh? Should I go visit her sometime? Why is this..? Why is the light on? Wait. I'm going to call my aunt. So... hospital visit? ... disguised as a hospital visit? -- yeah. Should I ask? Ah but that girl... that girl is stingy. I think it would be a good idea to do it. It's close, It's a good reason. Hospital visit. But you can't really do it at the hospital. Do what? --This (filming). No. Hospitals don't really restrict that. Hey aunt! Hyungyung -- is she at the hospital? Yeah I know. I know she had a surgery. That hospital... Do you mean the Eulji hospital in Gangnam? Ah Daejeon~ Ah yeah there's an Eulji hospital in Gangnam. Yeah there. There in Gangnam at Shinsa -- no Nonhyondong, there's a Eulji hospital. I was wondering if it was that one. Of course. Ah... Ah I heard you were also getting a surgery? Yeah but Hyungyung... Is it bad? Oh she's okay? Now. And? Yeah. Ah~ why? why did she run away? Ah~ Ok. Yeah. Ok. It's the Eulji hospital in Daejeon. Should I go? Long-distance call. It's not that far. From here to Daejeon it would take around 3 hours? Yeah around 3 hours. Should I go? Hmm? I guess it's time to wrap it up now. -- Should I? Should I go ahead? For real? And take the freeway? Go take take the freeway. Did you take a shower, Jaehyun? -- Yes. -- Why doesn't it show? Jaehyun, go wash your hair too. -- My hair too? Yeah it seems like you could wash it by just sprinkling water on it and rubbing soap around a few times. I don't wash my hair with soap. -- Ah oh dear... Only Elastine... -- Elastine... Hahaha Hahaha that's hilarious ah And then after Elastine -- do you do a hairflip? Haha Jaehyun you're killing me. I didn't think you'd be like this but you're so funny. Jaehyun stay longer than just 3 months here. You're so funny. If you do 3 months, the director will treat you very well. You might want to stay longer then. Right. And that's when the weather gets warmer again. If you quit during the winter I can't stop you because it's cold. If work is too hard then I can't really do anything but by that time the winter will be over. So let's keep working together. I like you, Jaehyun. You're hilarious You might become visible again in the fall? I should be visible then. -- You might not be because you're so tanned. Damn. Jaehyun... Really. Night time is awesome because I can't see you. Jaehyun... Jaehyun where are you going? I'm going home. -- Why? Should I take you there? To your house? -- No. To Shinaedong. Hi. Oh! Dude why do you look so good today? Me? -Yeah. -Ah it's because I just went to see a friend. I think you're glowing today I always wear this though. -- Oh~ you look so much with your hair out of your face. So much better. Ah. Why? If you do that they're going to think I forced you or something. International embarrassment. Ah for real... 689-16. 689... -- 689-16. I'm going to install the chandelier and lights over there. So here. Over here. Over here first street after the street with the restaurants. I know where that is. -- You know, right? Take some tools and go here. Yeah with support. No. No -- why are you being like this? You're really -- really trying to bring me international hate. Installing a chandelier? -- We need to get there to know. We might only need to install the lights. Just take the tools and go. What? Omg I've been filmed. The camera crew is suddenly here Dude you look different today. Did you get a haircut? See it shows even if you just wash your hair. He doesn't wash his hair. Ooh why are you looking so snazzy today? Where did you go today? Ah damn not again. We need to bring tools? Yeah the tool bag is over there. -- Yeah. I know. Have you used this before? What? -- This. You haven't used this before? -- What is it for? I know what you'll think is cool. Now -- try it later. We actually do this. I've done frames before. Big wedding frames. One about that size. That size. The size of these two combined together. 3 in total. I measure the angle -- that angle is tilted over there. You can see it at once that it's tilted. It's tilted so I had to measure the angle with a ruler and everything. Drill the concrete, hammer, Somewhere else? -- Over there by Zi apartment. After Gangnam station. How much did you get? -- I got 30,000 won for that. So with this and? Ok Jaehyun I'm going to go do this. They asked to get their chandelier installed. -- Isn't this fake? It's not fake they actually called. You can't bring this into a customer's house anyway. I need to get their signature before we go in. The director is not doing a call right now. Jaehyun, you might not be here when I come back. -- Farewell. Uh oh trouble. Internationally. Yes I got the call. Good work today! Yes. Hello? Yes. Yes. Yes.

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Seunghwan chats with his co-workers, uses his smartphone and rides to his next assignment.

This is part of a 24-hour recording of a day in the life of Seunghwan Seo.

This video was produced by Sam Queen, Rachel Gist, Jee Young Lee, Michael Stulberg, Marisol Park, Nayoung Jung, Joel Elliott, and Cole Quinlan.

This video is part of the Global Lives Project, a video library of life experience.

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