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Did you know? 5.0 Iowa

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IOWA Did you Know? In the begining there was the land we came, we settled we built farms, families, and factories We built schools that would last a century (good thing) We build a STATE and a NATION but our WORLD didn't stay still We fought in WARS We moved to CITIES Our farms CONSOLIDATED and our towns SHRANK We invented digital computers right here in IOWA! This changed EVERYTHING Jobs moved overseas Our lives became more WIRED and before most of us realized, it was a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT world Did You Know? Today we live in exponential times 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7 BILLION people on the planet and 1,2,3,4,5 BILLION mobile phones Today more people have acces to a mobile phone than a CLEAN TOILET 25% of American households have ONLY a cell phone 2 BILLION people are on the Internet 750 MILLION are on Facebook that's just over 1 IN 9 people worldwide There are 200 MILLION people on Twitter sending 100 MILLION tweets per day If Facebook and Twitter were countries... They'd rank 3rd and 6th in population 35 HOURS of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute That equals 176.000 full-length Hollywood releases EVERY WEEK 29% of all people under 25 get all or most of their TV ONLINE Kindle books now outsell hardbacks and paperbacks COMBINED on Amazon Did You Know? Wikipedia contains 3.6 MILLION articles in ENGLISH alone Flickr users have uploaded 5 BILLION pictures and Facebook? 50 BILLION 92% of American children have online presence by the time they are 2 YEARS OLD In 2008 Corey Menscher´s baby tweeted from the womb! 80 MILLION Americans are expected to own an iPad by 2015 Mobile app downloads 2009, 300 MILLION 2010, 5 BILLION and ANGRY BIRDS downloads? 250 MILLIONS The amount of digital information worldwide will increase 44x between now and 2020 Information overload? 247 BILLION emails are sent every day Unfortunately 80% are spam or viruses 6.1 trillion text messages were sent last year >:-0 87% of all teenagers text They send an average of 3,339 per month Did You Know? Iowa is struggling to keep up POP QUIZ We´re losing our jobs to: a) machinery b)computers c)other states d)other countries e) ALL OF THE ABOVE Total percentage of high school graduates? WE RANK 8th! But in 7 years, 62% of Iowa jobs will require POSTSECONDARY EDUCATION Yet only 25% of Iowans have a Bachelor´s degree; nationally that´s 37TH Only 8% of Iowans have a graduate degree and that ranks 43rd HOW DO WE RANK IN THESE CRITICAL GROWTH AREAS? Percentage of high tech jobs? 35th New business incubation? 35th Percentage of scientists a engineers? 37th High speed internet acces per capita? 41st Entrepreneurical activity? 49th Did You Know? Our SCHOOLS are struggling to keep up too We have 200,000 fewer students than in 1972 80% of high school student´s daily classroom study is LOW-LEVEL MENTAL WORK The kind of stuff you can find online in 5 seconds The average fifth grader receives 5x the instruction in basic skills versus problem-solving or reasoning By 2019, about half of high school courses are projected to be ONLINE Right now, Iowa ranks 40th in K-12 online enrollment We spend less on school technology than we did... We spend less on school technology than we did... A DECADE AGO We´ve got some BIG CHOICES to make Do we bemoan our past or roll up our sleeves AND GET TO WORK? Do we get intimidated by these new demands or DO WE RE DESIGN? RE TRAIN? RE BUILD? 44 Iowa school districts are giving their kids laptops and RETHINKING their classrooms Next year it will be closer to 100! 46 Iowa high schools are now using the same virtual reality software as aerospace engineers And schools all across the state are focusing on critical thinking and problem-solving rather than LOW-LEVEL factual recall Is YOUR local school one of them? How and what we teach HAS TO CHANGE Today´s classroom looks a lot like one from 1890 But it´s 2011 IOWA WE CAN DO THIS! We led the way in agriculture and manufacturing NOW IT´S TIME TO LEAD AGAIN It´s the 21st CENTURY We must prepare our students for their future, not our past SHIFT happens Will our schools SHIFT? Credits Transcribed and translated by Israel Martínez-Franco

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Duration: 7 minutes and 39 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Producer: XPLANE
Director: Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and XPLANE
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Posted by: adrianfile on Dec 9, 2011

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Transcribed and translated to Spanish by Israel Martínez-Franco

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