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Hey everyone at the Floating Man and Liberland. Sorry I couldn't be there in person with you, but uh I support everything you guys are doing. I'm so excited about it. That's why I've been helping fund Liberland since almost the inception there. Uh, I'm proud to say that the Liberland merit is a token on SLP. You can use right there inside your wallet uh Accessible to the more than 12 million people that have installed the wallet there. It's really a big deal. You can also make your own tokens over at in like 30 seconds. It's so easy. You just click click click and you can do it and that's the thing I love about Liberland And the thing I love about is they're both building the tools to empower the individual to have more control over their own life and their own thing and do what they want in life so long as they're not hurting anybody else and that's kind of, that's kind of the whole point of, of life right? Live your own life? Live and let live? And I know that you guys at this conference are people that support and appreciate that sort of thing. And uh. That's why I would fit in just fine there. And uh It's a long long ways away from where I'm at here in the beautiful Caribbean. But uh, yeah you can see...look at this. Beautiful, beautiful everything out here. But next time... I'll join you guys in person. And show you guys all the cool stuff that the world is getting better and better at year after year. Day after day. And so Liberland is an example of that. And if someone winds up seeing this video that uh isn't a fan of people being able to do what they want and they think the government needs to boss everybody around and they think the whole world will come to an end if you don't have some, you know, group of central planners. You know, planning everything from healthcare to education to the roads, right? Who will build the roads? Well, if you're one of those people who think that. Let the Liberlanders give things a try. If uh, Liberland winds up becoming this, you know, horrible place of anarchy! Where nobody would ever want to live. Then boom! You'll have something you can point to and say "see? That's why we need governments. That's why we need the government to control everything." "Because if we don't do that, It'll turn out like that horrible place Liberland" uh And of course if you support liberty and individualism and voluntarism you should support Liberland because we think the opposite is going to happen. Liberland is going to wind up being this amazing amazing place Where the entire world can point to and say "Wow!" "We should imitate that model. Look how well things turned out!" When you allow people to do anything that's peaceful without having to get permission from a bunch of central planners to do so. And so it's just a win-win situation. Whether you're a, you know, a hard core statist or a hard core voluntarist. Liberland is a fantastic project that uh, you should support. And so that's why I've been eager to support Liberland both financially and with my time and other resources because I think that this is a powerful tool for the world. And it's starting to rain on me at the moment. Even though it's such a beautiful sunny day. So I think that's where I'm gonna wrap it up for you guys. And uh, I'll see you next time.

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Roger Ver - Founder of
Floating Man Liberland Online Conference - as the physical Floating Man festival was slightly reduced due to the current coronavirus measures, we decided to hold an online Summer conference at the same time. Complete list of speakers may be found at

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