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Speaker Queen Noor

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[Applause and music] Thank you Jihan. Her Majesty Queen Noor. Jordan. I love the way your dream is coming true today and we all love you. [Applause] I've been blessed with a story that spans different worlds. I am an Arab-American by birth. Granddaughter of Orthodox Christian Arab immigrants to the United States. I was raised in a Judeo-Christian society studied Buddhism, and then I embraced Islam. and married a Hashemite, a direct descendant of the prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. Like so many others who have multiple identities I sometimes find myself floating in the gulf of cultural misunderstanding that separates these worlds. And my heart aches when such misunderstanding fuels the cycle of violence, counter-violence, and retribution tears apart the lives of people living in conflict regions. We hear so often about the combatants in conflict zones and so little of the peacemakers. All too rarely seen are the images of courageous peace-building efforts and the inspiring examples of social action that I have witnessed over the decades throughout the world. Palestinian and Israeli teenagers advocating leaders for justice and peace. Women leading reconciliation efforts in Bosnia, Rwanda, Liberia. Jews, Christians, and Muslims compassionately asserting their common humanity and shared spiritual values in the face of dangerous extremism in their communities. Islam comes from the word peace, and our holy Koran instructs us "Oh mankind, we created you from a single soul, male and female and made you into nations and tribes so that you may come to know one another." These next films show this universal wisdom put to practice. They are stories about storytelling, about sharing about people once divided coming to know one another finding solace and courage through dialog and compassion through interaction. Here now, is In Counterpoint.

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