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Rumi Nagashima - Tokyo, Japan - Japanese (Global Lives Project, 2007) ~22:27:13 - 22:42:07

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South Exit? hmm. -Well, both the south exit and the west exit... -yeah -If we go straight, we'll come to the east exit - ok -and if we go through the city center, we'll come to the west exit. -I see Maybe the west exit is not such a good idea... -You want the west exit? -no, I think maybe the west isn't the best idea. hmm, what to do? These little alleyways have lots of nice shops don't they? -Yeah, here in Sasazuka... -yeah? -There's a lot of celebrities living here -Oh, really? -there's a lot of small shops... the fancy looking shops? yeah there's lots isn't there Yeah, around here... -There's a lot of places like that -I see... -We often wait for their customers -right, ok Hmm, how should I put it... All the people getting off the at the station...'s not just them taxi drivers wait for -oh, I see so... what's it called again... on the TV, in restaurants, in bars... -we see a lot of people like that -really? -and if you go a little further, into Nakano -yeah, yeah, yeah -by taxi it only costs 1300 yen -that's right, yeah -it doesn't cost that much, does it? -also in Nakano... there's a lot of comedians there they all gather together and... do nothing So, they try to get their careers going in Shibuya well anyway, for the most part, around Nakano and Sasazuka... -there are comedians who aren't doing so well -a lot of people you don't see on TV then when the public want to reminisce... they bring them back you know those kind of shows. Anyway, if they can get a break... -celebrities... they can start to earn loads of money -that's right then they go to those fancy places, and get flattered all the time they say they don't like it, but it's because they've never been flattered before but when you get flattered all the time, you soon get used to it... -people are strange like that... -places like that must be expensive -they go out drinking, eating -yeah, must be expensive must cost them way over 10,000 yen, yeah, 1 person would expect to pay 50~100,000 yen -500,000 yen between them wouldn't be strange, -people like us can't even imagine paying that kind of money... comedians, even part time comedians... -usually have BMWs or Mercedes don't they... -ah, yeah but I often get celebrities in my taxi... you often see them coming out of underground car parks like Housei Yamazaki Wow, that's impressive Mercedes Benz... -they have a wide price range -yeah... -I mean they're not cheap -yeah, that's right, a cheap benz isn't exactly cheap I hardly ever go into underground car parks -but there's plenty who do... -I suppose so... -cars like Mercedes, that normal people can't buy... - yeah, way too expensive -If you don't have the money saved up, you can't -yeah, the loan would be silly well, it's not that you couldn't, but the loan would be outrageous that's right if you were one of those comedians... doing a bit of this and that... wouldn't be too bad eh must be tough I suppose so... I'm not sure how much it would be but... must be quite a lot -I suppose so yep, that's right -If we go straight here we'll soon come to the south exit -ah, ok I wonder if the south exit is a good idea... -Is it difficult to stop near the east exit? -the east exit... what about somewhere between the south and east exits? would that be easier? -or not? -I don't mind whichever is fine -hmm, I wonder... -well, the best is probably... the south exit is a little busier, but it's not a problem oh, really? hmm... if we went back then to the east... if we went back and took a left we can get to the east exit ok, we should probably head for the east exit there's lots of people trying to get into dramas -but if you compare them to the actors in the theatrical companies its a different story -I suppose so... -well, you could say once a pauper always a pauper...-that's right they can usually get work doing something or other the proper actors are a different story though they sometimes take taxis... take a taxi or buy a car... -people around Nakano and Sasazuka can be pretty successful... - I see... and Shibuya too.. they can start their careers there too they all must have fancy apartments too... -yeah, that's right but they do nothing but complain all the time... yeah, what do they have to complain about? that's awesome... yeah, that's right that's right... amatuers... there you go... -is it ok if I pay with taxi coupons? -yeah, it's fine -you want the east exit yeah? - yeah, actually anywhere around here is fine ok, thank you. here's 2000 yen worth of coupons please keep the change, can you just give me a hand with the wheelchair please Thanks so much, that's great -ok, thank you -I can manage from here thanks. sorry to have caused you so much trouble ok, thanks very much ah, so it didn't fit in properly? -I had to jam it in yeah -it's best if you can fold it - yeah -this doesn't fold up though -the older models used to... -with the recent models -this one doesn't fold up -its the small model -yeah, you don't need to fold it if you push this button, yeah yeah yeah, -you should be able to do it yeah, if you do that, it'll fit in. -ok, thank you very much. -ok, thankyou!.

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Rumi on her way home.

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