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LIZZY THE LEZZY! Lesbian Stand up Comedy Animation videos - EPISODES 1-5

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I’m Lizzy the Lezzy and I’m out and proud I’m Lizzy the Lezzy let’s shout it out loud! I’m Lizzy the Lezzy, just sing it with me I’m Lizzy the Lezzy and I like pussy Hello. My name is Lizzy. I’m a lesbian. Coming out was such a big deal, and now I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I mean, everyone’s a lesbian these days. Some of my best friends are lesbians. My straight girlfriends are lesbians too, but they’re just silly. I’ll never understand why they prefer to suck dick. Bla! And the people who think it’s wrong or strange, well they’re just stupid. Like the people who wonder what lesbians do in bed. Tut, stupid. Or the people who tell me I just haven’t met the right man. They’re stupid too. What part of lesbian don’t you understand? Some people make fun of lesbians, and call them names like muff muncher. Personally I think the names are quite funny. Muff muncher. Hehe. I’m a muff muncher. I’m a muff muncher! I’M A BIG BUTCH PUSSY CRUNCHING MUFF MUNCHING MUNCHER! AND I’M PROUD! Hmmm, I hope my mum and dad aren’t watching this. I’m Lizzy the Lezzy and I’m out and proud I’m Lizzy the Lezzy let’s shout it out loud! I’m Lizzy the Lezzy, just sing it with me I’m Lizzy the Lezzy, and I like pussy! Hello. In case you need reminding, I’m a lesbian. You can call me a lesbo or a dyke if you like, I don’t mind. Or a muff muncher. Ehe. There’s even a definition for coming out “The process by which a lesbian person acknowledges her sexual identity to herself and then proceeds to tell others about it.” They make it sound so simple. Mum, Dad. I have acknowledged my sexual identity to myself and now I want to tell you that I’m a muff muncher! It wouldn’t go down very well. Mind you, I suppose nothing goes down very well. Except me on someone else’s daughter! I’m Lizzy the Lezzy and I’m out and proud I’m Lizzy the Lezzy let’s shout it out loud! I’m Lizzy the Lezzy, just sing it with me I’m Lizzy the Lezzy, and I like pussy! Hello. Lizzy the muff munching lesbian again. Well actually, I’m not munching any muff at the moment because I’m single. It’s hard being single. I mean, how am I supposed to be a lesbian if I’m not munching muff? I know some of you will be saying… well… you shouldn’t be munching muff anyway… it’s wrong for women to munch muff. Well, being a lesbian isn’t just about licking pussy, oh no. It’s about sharing socks and tampons. It’s about crying after sex and always running out of toilet paper. It’s about wondering who’s going to kill the spiders. Hmm. Well... I suppose it is mainly about being a muff muncher! I’m Lizzy the Lezzy I like to munch muff I’m Lizzy the Lezzy I cant get enough! I’m Lizzy the Lezzy and I like my space I’m Lizzy the Lezzy so sit on my face Hello. Lizzy lezzy here again. I think I first knew I was a lesbian when I was a teenager. I kept wishing I was a boy so I could ask out all the cute girls. I don’t think I even knew that lesbians existed, although the other girls always used to go on about the gym teacher watching us in the showers. But I didn’t actually put my tongue in another woman’s mouth until I was 24. It was soft and sensual. It made me go weak at the knees. It was like a divine revelation. Suddenly everything became clear – except for one thing. Could I actually lick her pussy as well? I needn’t have worried. I never got the chance to find out, she went home that night with a guy… Don’t you just hate bisexuals?? Make up your fucking mind already! I’m Lizzy the Lezzy the muff munching dyke I’m Lizzy the Lezzy it’s pussy I like I’m Lizzy the Lezzy so let’s have some fun I’m Lizzy the Lezzy I’ll sleep with your mum Hello. I like women. In fact, I loooove women. Especially when they’re screaming in my ear while having an orgasm. Mmhhhh! Anyway, sometimes guys ask me what role I play in my relationships. "Are you the man or the woman?" they say. Hmm let me see. Do I have a cock? I mean I know I have a little facial hair, but don’t be so fucking stupid. How many times do I have to tell you, there IS NO MAN in a lesbian relationship! But for some reason, they still seem to think every lesbian needs a good hard dick inside her to change her mind. And we all know its every man’s fantasy to be with two lesbians. “Oh… you’re lesbians. Can I join in then?” “Oh sure man! Let me just get my strap-on on so I can FUCK YOU IN THE ASS!

Video Details

Duration: 6 minutes and 19 seconds
Country: United States
Language: English
Genre: Animated
Producer: Ruth Selwyn
Director: Ruth Selwyn
Views: 613
Posted by: lizzythelezzy on Dec 15, 2009

Lesbian themed stand up comedy videos by Lizzy the Lezzy

Lizzy talks about being a lesbian, coming out, bisexuals and straight men.

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