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One - 4th Dimension of Ascension and the Reflection of God - where is the Delusion?

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Desteni Presents: God and Ascension - Part 1 So let's discuss ascension and the god delusion or, let's put it another way: How did god create god-self? this is the way to become 'god' ok in existence, a long long long time ago beings were getting quite bored and some of them noticed an interesting thing: no matter what they do there was no consequence! there was no although a belief existed of a god or a creator nobody ever interfered beings existed as races and as groups and as groups of interest and they traveled the universe and they were born and they died just like very much similar to now so a fascinating idea came about it's like a bulb that went on in a way that notice an interesting thing that in a way it would be possible to exist forever but what you have to do to exist forever that means- also to control everything forever would be- that you have to divert everything to yourself all power because if you have all power you can also direct your own existence to do that a fascinating thing was done a fascinating consideration what was being noticed was a fascinating occurrence in the universe where all the planets and the universes were in a way - dimensional meaning call it multi-dimensional it was in a way existent similarly to what you would now experience as how you see pictures in the mind it was like a mind-universe but something was happening: it was becoming- matter what is matter? matter is a relationship between yourself space that which is existing, and how it moves - time that was becoming relative real responding to the influence, the input you put into it that means, that what was becoming real was programmable you can give it an input and it will give you an output and if you control the input you control the output obviously what was the fascinating difficulty was: everybody is going to find this out and understand that the input equals the output how do you make sure that nobody finds out that input equals the output? (you insert them into the input) you place them into a reality that is not part of these 3 points: self, space and time you create a new reality for them - a 4th-dimension you create for them a 'heaven' you create for them a place to go to, where they actually in 'going that' which is like ascending, they ascend their ass somewhere in doing that they are actually recreating them into an idea existing as if they are all powerful as if they are 'god' while they are not, while you that is controlling all of that you are god, because you are actually controlling everyone how do you do that? is you create a system that mimics matter the mind - it is a reflection and that reflection has an interesting point it is the reverse, if you look at it it's like looking in a mirror everything is- where the one side is the opposite of- you know you have left and right left becomes right and right becomes left, so you it's a complete reversal of everything that exist as a projection within which you create yourself how was that then done was fascinating because when a child is born in this reality the child do not have a self, personified in the mind that doesn't yet exist the child is actually here in space and time real, powerful, pure what happens then? a personality, an idea is created within which the child encompass themselves until all that exist as the human here is just a mind reflection of themselves then the mind becomes the reality they are trying to master how to master that, is fascinating because within this whole process it'll go through an apparent 'stage of evolution' you will, as you move through your reality become dissatisfied with what you are experiencing then you will start searching for an alternative and in that search it's like already placed in you as a program you will go to the next stage you will then move from believing mom and dad to believing in god and a religion then, when you are dissatisfied with that- you'll start believing in yourself as the reflection as god - which is like ascension it's just a short view of your progression which everybody eventually take and each of those things will be equated to time either a coming again, or a new age or some form of time related construct now what did the programmers of the input realize? they realized that they could divert all the creative power of every single being into a system, and fuel that system all they have to make sure of: is they never step into that system because they'll lose themselves so therefore they created what you would call today 'heaven' from there, they controlled the input of every being, being born how did they do that? by seeding it, they also seeded the whole reality as nature what is a seed? a seed is that which contain the information of that which it would become isn't it? so you take the seed of a flower, you can look at the seed and by the knowledge of the seed you can say this seed is this flower because in the seed is contained the information, the program that will bring forth this flower that program is DNA as a general description obviously there is a lot more about how it works in terms of its construct- chromosomes and you name it the whole story part two to continue CC English for Desteni Productions ©

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