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Shall we protest?_Chotbul_Docu1.3

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I didn��t have much of an interest in the politics. Health insurance, protests against the Grand Canal system, mad cow disease�� On Friday May 2, and Saturday May 3, 2008 tens of thousands of people gathered in downtown Seoul to protest against the importation of U.S. beef tainted by mad cow disease and to call for the impeachment of Lee Myung-bak and the Chotbul began. Confronted with the Lee Myung-bak administration and the conservative press people began creating and sharing their own information through the internet, criticizing the government��s policies, and coming out to take part in actions. This online public opinion making and small protests leads to Chotbul protests from May on. Great to see you all! Actually, we never imagined that so many people would gather here. We have put everything aside to gather here. Why would we do that? Because we are angry! Shall we protest? This documentary addresses one portion of the process of organizing the Chotbul vigil of May 2nd and 3rd, 2008. Chotbul : candlelight literally but a metonym for a candlelight vigil protest 2MB : Nickname of Lee, Myung-Bak because lee sounds two in Korean Cho-Joong-Dong : 3 major right-wing newspapers Daum, Naver : major commercial portal sites If so, who among these twelve candidates will allow you to live and eat well? / Lee! Myung! Bak! Yes~ the President of the Republic of South Korea should be Lee Myung-bak�� In January of this year[2000] I created the BBK, an investment consulting company, | Lee Myung-bak is a liar, BBK Stock Price Manipulator | I will take hold of and guide Korea in the right way People! The economy, the economy, the economy! will be brought back! [If I be the President] Falsely given work someone disguised as his driver... Even if his approval rating dropped after The BBK video, ... The Hanara party��s candidate Lee Myungbak is the 17th President ... With about 14 million votes, the final election results show that he has been elected having received 48.7% of the vote. News about LeeMB [mediamob Headingline news] unconditionally, the first news of the day again concerns his highness LeeMB king and CEO. Today, the prosecutor, in his continuing investigation of our just society, announced the results of suspiction of the BBK: He is innocence. I will make living in S.Korea happy. I try to modestly hear from people, to show my virtue for democratic persuasion. [1% Ministers distancing far away with the poor] [Rich Cabinet's flowery financial technology] Wiping people��s eyes, I will open a new era of people's success! |cheated by the NewTown project pledge, cried by Grand Canal | I will ser... serve people. | English Immersion Program causes youth's internal injury | Economy should be recovered I swear. |'Cabitnet of corruption department !'... | thank you. | Netizens organized 'Lee Myung-bak impeachment Alliance' | Oh! he was elected. Sonagee, one of admins of Anti-LeeMB Cafe[Anti-LeeMB online community] I found that Anti-MB Lee, online community when searching what's up. There was big debates and talks. I joined it and participated in its rally since Jan [of 2008] publicity UGC by LeeMB impeachment struggle Alliance There were very few participants... 10~15 admins and a few members, | It's time to stand up | | If we elected, it's us that step him down | Until the general election[April], Our rallies were shunned by the passerby. Even a few attacked us. That's because it's just right after his inauguration. Kim, Tae-hyung - game-planner, a member of Anti-LeeMB Cafe[online community] Every Sat., there have been rallies right after the election. | Invalidity of a Liar's election! | Especially when Lee special counsel, Soongryemoon(gate)'s burn-down ... | raising income of privileged Ministers(???), raising common prices | Most of participants were just company workers without the experience of poitical organization... they throwed themselves into such matters... A petition for the President Lee, Myung-bak impeachment April 6th 2008 positive recommendation one sign for impeachment College students should come out. Don't they yet realized! A liar Lee, Myung-bak should be impeached.. sign impeach~ ment, gogosing! there was a college senior, female, I didn��t have much of an interest in the politics. | Sisyph - student, a member of SoulDresser[a fashion online community] | She wrote a post to suggest a protest at SoulDresser... Honestly, rather than i suggested to be against Lee, Myung-bak |title: must read! Everyone, shall we protest! | News media didn't treat madcow issue much. | April 20th | I talked to mon, dad, grandma, all of them didn't know ... Feeling such seriousness, I decided to let people informed... | ... media suppress that serious fact...| Another member just wrote a similar post, at them same time i posted. title: To those who could protest again FTA-related U.S. beef import on May 3rd! Sisyph: what a coincidence! i just wrote about a protest... i'm so glad to see yours!!! So want me to go to Saejongro on 3rd of May? Babiepongpong: wow, glad to talk to ya ;) !!! Date is not fixed yet, let's discuss :) I was so glad to see the same post by somebody right as i posted to suggest a protest. Members' consent on that post flooded. I'll join, it's really necessary to protest -- What the hell it is! Wake up, SoulDressers!!! 2. I'll go for protest... Do not be a computer warrior. Not be indifferent... 3. me too, for sure 5555555555555555 I'd like to join.

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Duration: 41 minutes and 50 seconds
Year: 2009
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Producer: 미나리, 해ㅋ (minari, hackie)
Director: 미나리, 해ㅋ (minari, hackie)
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Posted by: shallweprotest on May 16, 2009

2008년 5월 2일(금)과 3일(토), 서울 도심에 수 만명의 사람들이 모여 광우병 위험 미국산 쇠고기 수입 반대와 이명박 탄핵을 외치는 촛불문화제를 열었다.
사람들은 이명박 정부와 보수언론에 맞서 인터넷에서 스스로 정보를 생산하고 공유하며 정부 정책을 비판하고 행동에 나섰다.
이러한 온라인 여론 형성과 작은 촛불집회들은 5월의 촛불시위로 이어졌다.
이 다큐멘터리는 5월 2일과 3일의 촛불문화제가 조직된 과정의 일부를 다룬 것이다.

그리고 2009년 5월 2일, 1주년 촛불집회...

* 2009 | 41:46 | 독립 다큐멘터리 | DV
* 이용 권리: 정보공유라이선스 2.0:허용 (참조: 이 창작물에 대한 이용자 권리(라이선스)
* 만든이: 미나리, 햌

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