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TEDxDubai - Mohammed Harib - 10/10/09

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How you’d overcome all of the obstacles it seems put in place .. To really get in way of us achieving those dreams? Mohammed Saeed Harib is goanna explain how. Thanks My father is here today and he wont be happy to see my name spelled as .. H A R E E B so its H A R I B Salam Alaikum Let me just say that its an honor to be standing here today. To be talking here today. I’ve spent the last days thinking about what I will talking about. And since my story or my the journey that I took was .. You know it was at lest 45 mints of talk You have to cry; you have to laugh; you have to do many things. I have 18 mints, so I can’t say that story. So I kept thinking what I’ll say !? You know ! Not thinking about anything. And I kept asking myself what made me so especial? What actually makes me special? I’m not. You know as kid. I grow up being a normal kid, I was not genius or anything! I had bellow average high school grades. I was not the wise kids Same thing with university, at one stage I was university drop out. And I studied in Boston. At northeastern university And we had almost 150 students there. And all of them from UAE basically. 90 present of them were ether taking business or engineering. And I was the only guy studying general ART and animation! And I’m sure that many of my friends who were back then they were like: Poor mohammed! And seriously because, you cant help that but thing that .. Look back in 1996, when I was back in the states. The UAE or Dubai in particular didn’t not have any creative, kind of industries. We had one governmental TV station; we had one governmental Radio station; we had one governmental Newspaper. And if you are designer that’s a female only major here. So might you be a cook or fashion designer it’s the same thing. So for me to be the only general ART and animation major was not only a challenge from design point but from sociological and mental point. And then I came back, I .. you know.. One think I didn’t won’t to be! and I figure this early when I was in university. I did not want to be come CEO ! That’s for sure Everybody I spoke to back then, wanted to be CEO ! Their fathers were CEO, they wanted to be CEO, their brothers were CEO And Dubai is CEOs City! We are in city within a city actually. We are in the media city and next to it is Dubai Internet city. And just for sake name change, will call it knowledge village. But im sure knowledge village has a mayor And we just have various CEOs, names for CEOs. And a honestly I feel CEOs feel to be grumpy They feel they had the best offices, and always feel grumpy Yes what do you want? I don’t have to time for you And always make you feel you are really in need of them! Of course not all CEOs are like that, especially my sponsors they actually very good. They are the best CEOs And I worked .... you know The thing is when you graduate and you are Art student, you really don’t have any options You can go to any government entity and became designer! And by designer is how to use Photoshop! That’s design! Not the whole big thing that we saw in pervious presentation. And you know that what I end up doing. I joined Dubai media city, became a designer. They gave me different names but in the end I was designer! I had my plum soft creativity ... but I saw the roof, I could not go beyond While I was in state and studying animation I was asked to create super hero character based from my culture and I grow up in land full of super heroes like Ali baba, Salah Aldain all of these but all of these super heroes are dead or fictional So I did not have anybody that relates to me right now! To be honest with you I saw a super hero in my grandmother Back in time Back in the day, where the UAE had no oil, we were not oil-based economy. We were pearl-based economy. So our grandfather used to go pearl diving tripe for seven months. We had constant financial crises. Hate was, you know we had no Ace, nothing It was really really terrible landscape to be living in. The female figure, used to teach the kids She used to work for living She used to raise the kids, and I’m talking 7 and 8 children. She used to pull them all together While male figure was diving for pearls and fighting the sharks off. We don’t have sharks in these seas, so I don’t know where that came from! But after we had media push, and you know Dubai became Dubai! We because we are male dominant society We decided to focus on fathers And we decided to focus on what made them so great And we forget the female figure And I saw, so I thought, is only fitting that I memorize and archive the grandmothers And if the grandmothers can be super heroes, anybody can So I had this idea of reach, which is the story of four old grandmothers is living in secluded neighborhood in modern day Dubai. Some of you hear this for the thousand times now! But the whole concept of it was such a new thing. My thinking and my passionate for it was such a new thing And to achieve what I wanted to achieve. I had to go through guess what? CEOs I had to go through CEOs, I had to convince CEOs I had actually begged CEOs, I know I was professional in art of begging. So it’s not something I learnt as trait afterwards It was so hard; you cannot imagine how hard it was Because I think now path is kind of paved to entrepreneur to come in But back then in 2003 when you to a funding body, a funding body and speak to them and say: Hay I wanna do cartoon! And go you wanna do what?? And they say you want to do it for how much? And basically even the broadcasters The only place you would think, that they would think it’s a great idea. They said you wanna do what? And you wanna do it for how much? So I was not easy. It was not easy and I learned that if I gave up, I gave up Then I've shattered my dreams and I've shattered many people dreams I was branded as a local! And many people here would think because there are two roles. Oh locals, you have things cut up for you, you have an easy life! And then OH you are a local! So you don do anything, you can’t achieve anything So I had to achieve something, because I was sick and tired of that mentality. Especially from locals who thought I was a local And that was hard Anyway, with SME or the funding body I had I thank them to put obstacles in front of me. I was an artiest and artiest usually complain They like to complain, were like a big drama, victims we say nobody cares about us, nobody understand art, understand media, nobody, bla blaa blaa I keep saying this in my university lecture whenever I go. It’s us who we victimize our self. We really stronger then what people think we are. In basically 3 years time I mange to take this project of the ground. And by doing so, it was a cultural phenomenon It was a huge cultural phenomenon, and it was not because if it was a good concept or funny concept or something could people enjoyed I discovered when I told my story; many people after me became and said: Mohammed, because of you ! or because of what you have could done, you gave me inspiration, you gave me hope that I can do something. Not just that! Also the CEOs, said oh that’s a great idea actually, lets do more cartoons And constantly looked for what’s made me especial What’s makes me especial I thought was not that I was the first person made animation commercially in this region. No! I always tired to do something new. So I started off doing “Freej” which is animated series, 3D bla bla blaa It was the number one. Nominated show. I did season two It was the number one, nominated show I did season three, it was one of the three nominated show But then I got board ! I was like this is what I end up doing, just taking and repackaging and putting again, taking ... And although the sponsors were land up, and I was making money. But this is not what I want to do ! The thing about media, they take you they squeeze every inch of juice of creativity you have and then thy throw you, then in with new guy So you need to know when to stop and in 2009 I decided to stop Because if I did not burn myself somebody else will burn me. And I said let me explore more opportunities. And that stop, enabled me to work on beautiful project; which is the largest theatrical production in Arabia. Which was called Freej folklore, I wanted to preserve, I wanted to show my culture In very beautiful theatrical production Very similar to the cirque du Soleil, to the line king Because we as Arab, we are not a big fun of theater Unless its comedy or Egyptian or something like that So wanted to really preserve I really wanted to preserve my culture and show it to the world And that enabled me to do so, to do something like that And also in 2009 I was able to create something that is totally unique show And it was about game quiz show It’s not about what I created and its not what ill create here I kind finally found my mission here Its to constantly try new things and constantly jump and really open new doors If I mange to do cartoon, there so many people came after me, who are doing better job in cartoons at the moment. But I haled open the door and broke that door for everybody to come in And the same thing happing with theater, and same thing happing with other project. I thought to myself, you know what! That’s exactly what’s made me especial That’s exactly why I don’t want to be CEO Unfortunately I’m chairman now, lack of better Lack of better wording for me But .. Inspiration especially for people who live here. people who are local, people who grow up here people who think .. you know what I really cant do anything. These CEO are blocking my view These CEO are blocking my vision I started in 2003 with sketch on paper You cant get any easier then this A sketch on paper and I walked in to SME and I said hay I wanna do this cartoon I wanna do this dream And three years later I tell you something; my salary was like 7000 Dhrs 7000 Dhrs a month ! And in four years, my salary kind of multiply that by 10 plus the assets Plus everything that I have, not created from my father’s wealth. Not created from government backing. Its created purely from sketch on paper And I'm sure If I could create something from sketch on paper If I can create something from sketch on paper; you guys can create more amazing things Especially that I know that most of you here more talented then me More creative then me You know more detriment then me The path to your success actually is more paved then the one I took Because I really had to jump on obstacles I really for three years beg for living I don’t know if I took my 18 mints, but really that’s all what I have to say. So .. Thank you very much

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